50th Celebration!

In celebration for tonight’s 50th episode, we compiled a list of 50th achievements over the first 49 episodes of Critical Role. Enjoy!

  • 50th PC Nat20: Scanlan (Ep11, 0:35:15) Acrobatics while jumping into the Fomorian’s pit
  • 50th PC Nat1: Pike (Ep13, 0:50:01) Wisdom save vs. illithid-caused stun
  • 50th DM Nat20: Frost Worm (Ep39, 1:14:33) Dex save vs. Pike’s Flame Strike
  • 50th DM Nat1: Will probably happen during the 50th episode, he’s only declared 48 as of ep49!
  • 50th Roll: Vex’ahlia (Ep01, 2:34:17) 10 Lightning Damage to Ogre
  • 50th Point of Damage: Percy (Ep01, 2:28:30) 27 Damage to Ogre
  • 50th Kill: Tiberius (Ep05, 0:45:30) Duergar, Fireball
  • 50 Damage Dealt: Vax’ildan (Ep30, 3:02:33) 50 Damage to Guard
  • 50th In-Game Day: The party discovers their welcome gift in Whitestone, fight a banshee, and nearly lose to a door.
  • 50th Will Friedle Paper Straightening: (Ep20, 2:56:30)
  • 50th Vex Arrow: (Ep09, 2:08:54) Non-combat Arrow which Tiberius lights
  • 50th Transformation: Scanlan (Ep30, 2:59:17) Triceratops to storming Count Vedmeyer’s mansion.
  • 50th Pun: (Ep26, 3:03:37) “This is udderly ridiculous.”
  • 50th Scanlan Song: “Roam” by the B-52s (Ep10, 2:01:46) Attempted Suggestion on Kima. It did not work.
  • 50th Inspiration: (Ep33, p1.1:33:38) “Arrows and Boooooows they fire, at our foooooes and kill them…” Inspiring Vex’ahlia.
  • 50th DM Facepalm: (Ep34, 4:11:34) “As I kill your husband the Lich and I’ll make you my b****!” “Silas is a Vampire.” “It didn’t rhyme. It’s fine.”
  • 50th ‘Proper’: Matt (Ep16, 0:55:11) “… the name of the dragon proper.”