A Tribute to Scanlan Shorthalt

With the parting of ways that took place in Episode 85, we look back at some of our personal favorite moments of the gnome bard from the first 84 episodes of Critical Role.

Thanks to eponymous-rose for editing this video together, and thank you to Geek & Sundry and Critical Role for use of these clips! All content used with permission. Full list with in-show timestamps below the break.

Have you heard of Scanlan the sad?

Couldn’t ask for a better comrade.

He walked off with Kaylie

To learn on the daily

How to be the best Shorthalt dad.

  • Scanlan’s first kill is the first HDYWTDT of Critical Role (Ep01, 2:59:13)
  • Scanlan and Pike kick off the Emberhold breach (Ep06, 1:17:34)
  • Shaming a duergar to death (Ep07, 2:31:53)
  • King Murghol should’ve stood on his head (Ep07, 3:37:35)
  • Scanlan doesn’t “make promises to dogs.” (Ep09, 0:35:29)
  • Scanlan banishes Queen Ulara (Ep09, 0:50:58)
  • Holy Man Scanlan (Ep16, 1:13:49)
  • “You’ll leave when Burt Reynolds tells you to leave.” (Ep19, 2:50:12)
  • Burt Reynolds gets Keyleth and Tiberius out of jail (Ep23, 1:38:03)
  • Scanlan serenades Sherri (Ep24, 1:05:34)
  • “I don’t run, I Dimension Door.” (Ep25, 0:44:14)
  • “Here’s my plan: We’re all cows.” (Ep26, 2:34:38)
  • Vex and Scanlan talk to a couple on the streets of Whitestone (Ep29, 1:54:23)
  • Scanbo (Ep31, p1. 0:13:45)
  • Shaming a ghost back to death (Ep33, 2:00:00)
  • Scanlan drops Percy’s gun into acid (Ep35, p2. 0:07:04)
  • Scanlan writes an epic poem and commissions a painting (Ep36, 0:25:09)
  • Scanlan and Kaylie have a chat (Ep38, 1:20:07)
  • Scanlan puts Earthbreaker Groon to sleep (Ep43, 3:00:58)
  • Casting the Resilient Sphere on the efreet (Ep46, 1:58:26)
  • Grog and Scanlan talk about, and to, Craven Edge (Ep47, 2:36:52)
  • Scanlan wheels into the orc camp (Ep49, 0:39:23)
  • Scanlan and Kaylie pretend to be Stonejaw Strongjaw (Ep51, 0:10:39)
  • Scanlan successfully holds Kevdak (Ep52, 0:26:54)
  • Scanlan proposes to Pike (Ep53, 2:52:55)
  • Fisting the wound and turning Grog into an eagle (Ep55, 0:38:39)
  • Scanlan gives Kaylie a specially crafted gift (Ep56, 3:21:30)
  • Hat buying (Ep57, 1:27:24)
  • Diving off of a Whitestone balcony to stab Hotis (Ep58, 0:52:18)
  • Scanlan is a collector of hats (Ep60, 1:42:31)
  • “Do you spice? Spice it?” (Ep65, 2:23:26)
  • The Meatman (Ep66, 2:24:18)
  • Scanlan finally traps Ripley (Ep68, 4:19:14)
  • After a successful Gate spell, Scanlan sings to Yenk (Ep71, 2:21:48)
  • Scanlan saves Vox Machina from 50,000 efreeti with Modify Memory (Ep76, 2:48:43)
  • Scanlan saves Vox Machina from Raishan’s Prismatic Spray with Counterspell (Ep80, 1:36:33)
  • Scanlan tries suude (Ep81, 0:29:28)