Over six months in the making, we are very proud to finally present All Rolls Ever Made In Critical Role. While there are still components that we hope to add over time in addition to updating it with newer episodes, we are so excited to finally be able to give to you all this data, complete with timestamps, characters, damage dealt, and other notes.

We would not have this without the invaluable contributions of our volunteers, who have put in a ton of time as well making this a reality:

  • Quadz08
  • ARoseByAbbie
  • BurdenedWithNoPurpose
  • CriticalRoleSource
  • DragonMustang01
  • Frodo010595
  • Luscinias
  • Xotes
  • Rusty-Diamond
  • StarStuff04/ClericOfKord
  • Tux3d0_Mask