All Rolls Graph Update (with analysis!)

Hi guys! I have battled through hordes of computer problems, end-of-semester grading, and work deadlines to bring you an update to the all rolls graphs and critical frequencies! Since 50’s a pretty obvious milestone and the damage graphs are proving more time-consuming than I had originally anticipated, we figured we’d give the graph-lovers out there something to tide them over. For the sake of this, we’re only discussing the regular PCs, and these graphs only include regular PCs, no guest PCs. You can find the original post with all the graphs here.

Episodes 41-50 (click on the titles before each graph for a larger image): 

D20 Rolls per Episode by Character 1

  • As expected, the non-spellcasters once again lead the number of rolls per episode, with Grog, Percy, and the twins dominating. Vax still leads the total rolls by a wide margin, with Grog and Vex in a close fight for second, though he doesn’t typically dominate the number of rolls in a single episode like he did in earlier episodes, so Vex, Grog, and Percy are keeping pace.
  • Most of the PCs have a major spike in episode 49, and this episode has by far the highest roll total at 222- this was the longest episode to date, with a combat encounter at the beginning, a dungeon crawl, and a tricky boss fight/puzzle at the end, so the high number of rolls is easy to explain.
  • Percy still leads with the highest natural 20 frequency at 6.51%, but the golden snitch appears to have slowed, so Pike’s catching up, at 6.10%. Grog still lags behind the rest of Vox Machina at 3.39%, despite a couple of truly brutal Brutal Criticals.
  • As for avoiding natural 1s, Scanlan again comes in as the luckiest PC at 1.81%. Trinket is again the most unlucky at 5.68%, slightly higher than the expected frequency of 5%. Vex, however, has surpassed Keyleth as the most unlucky humanoid member of Vox Machina at 4.02%. Some might argue that this is karma, as many of those natural 1s occurred when she was riding her new broom. Others might say Laura just needs to teach her dice a lesson in a few of the many dice jails she received last Critmas.
  • The total number of rolls for all PCs currently sits at 4894, meaning Vox Machina (and friends) average a little under 100 rolls per episode at 97.88. If this week’s episode is combat-heavy (which, given where Scanlan was at the end of 50, seems likely), it’s possible we’ll hit 5000 total d20 rolls tonight.