Announcements: New Stats and New Stats Critters

We have added Kill Counts and DM Crits to the Rankings and Running Stats page. We are all working on many more, and we will try to keep the current stats as current as we can. Huge thanks to @quadz08, @clericofkord, @dragonmustang01, @kathatherine, @thesingingbadger, @burdenedwithnopurpose, @arosebyabbie, and @luscinias for their work on the (rather large) Kill Count project.

Speaking of these fine individuals: Over the course of compiling stats and writing articles, we’ve been very fortunate to have a number of volunteers help us make the task of watching all of these episodes much more manageable. The sheer magnitude of some of these projects has forced them onto my back burner in favor of others. I have been very grateful to the volunteers who have continued to log total damage taken, total damage dealt, all rolls, and recently requested stats even as the new episodes come out.

With that, I want to formally introduce a number of our volunteers who we welcome to the Crit Role Stats team. All of these individuals have put in a lot of their time and effort to help us know what we know, and will be helping us keep our stats up-to-date as the show continues (on their own time, of course).

@quadz08, @dragonmustang01, and @thesingingbadger have taken charge on the most daunting project of all: gathering All PC Rolls, as well as finding a very large portion of our more recent projects.

@clericofkord has kept track of damage dealt and taken in well over half of the current episodes. She has also helped significantly in finding stats for other projects.

@Vaxleth (@ashesofvalkana on Tumblr) is currently head of the Vaxleth moments stats. She was also one of the first Critters to help us gather Scanlan songs and PC crits.

@TUX3D0_MASK has helped us fill in the holes we seemed to have missed in our fervor to complete other projects, and is helping us catch up on the newer requests, as well.

@kathatherine has served as Chief Organizer, sorting the notes we’ve received, updating our progress documentation, ensuring that no work is lost or unnecessarily replicated, and making sure timestamps are accurate. She’s saved a lot of time and effort, and will continue to help us stay on track!

In addition, we want to thank all of the other Critters who have helped in any other capacity. We welcome all help that we receive, and we love all of you!