Around Exandria in 80 Minutes. Or More.

patheticbarrel asked: Does anyone know the rough travel distances from major locations?

traditionalmarriage asked: Do we have any info on how Matt handles travel time?

To start, the continents we know about are Tal’Dorei, Issylra, Marquet, and Wildmount.

  • The Ozmit Sea separates Issylra, Tal’Dorei, and Marquet. Marquet lies to the far south, Issylra to the west, Tal’Dorei to the east.
  • The Lucidian Ocean separates the continent of Wildmount from Tal’Dorei. Wildmount is far to the east of Tal’Dorei.

Within Tal’Dorei:

  • Emon, on the western coast, is a 4-4.5 day horseback ride from the city of Whitestone, which is a city in the northeast region. (Ep27, 2:46:20)
  • Westruun, in central eastern Tal’Dorei, is a day’s horse ride to Whitestone. (Ep27, 2:47:03)
  • The city of Kymal, in southern-central Tal’Dorei, is about a day’s walking distance from Westruun. (Ep56, 3:10:44)
  • Westruun is a several hour flight, as the dragon flies, from Emon. (Ep40, 2:47:56)
  • Kraghammer is a two-day ride, using the road, from Emon. (Ep24, 0:36:55)
  • Fort Daxio, in northwestern Tal’Dorei, is a 4-5 day walk, or a 1 day continuous horseback ride, from Emon (Ep74, 0:58:48)

Within Issylra:

  • Vasselheim is a 2 day walk to the city of Pyrah, where the Fire Ashari live. (Ep16, 2:49:17)
  • The Marrowglade Loch is a 7-8 hour swift journey south/southwest of Vasselheim. (Ep44, 0:13:34)
  • The Glasswalk Road, around where Rimefang lived, is two days travel by horseback north of Vasselheim. (Ep18, 0:52:57)

Within Marquet:

  • Shandal, Gilmore’s hometown, is about a day’s journey south from Ank’Harel (Ep65, 1:39:49)
  • The Agrad Mountains are about a 1-1.5 day’s journey (on foot, a few hours via airship) north of Ank’Harel (Ep 67, 0:34:20, 2:13:30 for the name, 2:29:43 airship time)
  • The Bay of Gifts and the city of Shamel is about 5 hours north via airship from Ank’Harel (Ep67, 2:45:40)


  • The city of Tyriex, in the country of Draconia, on the continent of Wildmount, is a 3 day flight, as the dragon flies, to Whitestone. (Ep64, 1:10:15)
  • Tyriex is about a 2 ½-3 day’s flight, as the dragon flies, from Westruun. (Ep43, 0:36:50)
  • Emon is a 2-2.5 week nautical boat ride and 6 day airship ride from Vasselheim. (Ep14, 1:20:35; Ep16, 0:15:45; Ep 67, 0:33:50)
  • Emon is a 1-1.5 week nautical boat ride and 3-5 day airship ride from The Bay of Gifts and the city of Shamel in Marquet. (Ep 64, 1:24:30)
  • The Isle of Glintshore (and the Hespit Archipelago) in the Ozmit Sea is about a week’s travel via nautical boat and 2-3 days via airship from the Bay of Gifts (Keyleth’s Control Weather spell sped things up considerably for their journey). (Ep67, 0:35:03, 2:34:12)