Attention, Critters!

We’ve received a number of offers to help during the forced hiatus (feel better, guys!). Due to the sheer magnitude of the show, we’ve been forced to shelve projects that include Season 1 in favor of requests that go from episode to episode, or can be easily pinpointed. If you’re going through old episodes and would like to help us record some stats, let us know!

Our Current Projects table has a list of all the confirmed projects we are currently working on, or plan to eventually work on. Here’s what the table consists of:

  • First, the key. Gray and Green (usually) means we got it covered, while white or red means it’s up for grabs. The key explains itself.
  • Season 1 stat requests are on this page of the table. These include things that happen over the course episodes 1 through 36. Season 2 stats are the continuation of that. We suggest that if you do choose to pick multiple projects, pick 5 at the most; otherwise, it’s really easy to miss stuff.
  • The Longterm Projects tables for Season 1 and Season 2 consists of all rolls, damage taken, damage dealt, and our conversion to natural roll values (done thanks to the character sheets we’ve formed). While we’re mostly caught up, we’re using timestamps for each roll and double (and triple) checking to ensure that we’ve correctly logged every stated value.
  • Word Counts are notoriously difficult to track, even for common phrases. If you do wish to track word counts, we recommend at most 3 per episode. While all of these require full attention, we especially want to remind you that word counts really need you to be at the top of your game.
  • Related to Word Counts, we also suggest checking out @criticalroletranscriptions. Transcribing even 5 minutes of show can take 3 hours of time in real life, so, if you’ve got the patience for it, definitely give them a shout!

If there are any other projects that aren’t listed on the sheets that you think would be cool to publish, let us know! You can either send us a non-anonymous ask, or an email at critrolestats@gmail. Thanks!