Average Damage Graphs (with Analysis!)

Ok, so we’ve compiled all the damage that Vox Machina has done over the course of 50+ episodes, but it’s in table format, so for those of us who find graphs easier, we’ve generated those now, too! Below are the average damages for all of Vox Machina per episode for the first 50 episodes, with some analysis. (Don’t worry, damage analysis for the epic Kevdak fight from episode 52 is coming!)

These averages are calculated as average damage per target per attack, not per attack or per round of attacks; this keeps the characters with lots of area-of-effect capabilities, like Keyleth and Tiberius, from dominating the single-hitters like Grog, Percy and Vax. The graphs on total damage per episode, along with analysis, are forthcoming. Click the titles above each graph for a larger image.

Episodes 1-10:

Grog, Pike, Vax, Vex, & Trinket


  • Roleplay-heavy episodes are easy to pick out- just look for the drops to zero!
  • No single character tends to dominate the damage. Most average around 15-20 damage per target in the earlier episodes, increasing to 20-30 in the middle episodes, but dropping off again recently. Occasionally a character will spike above everyone else, as discussed below.
  • Spellcasters can vary wildly from the general trend, and from each other. The non-spellcasters generally tend to be more consistent, as their damage is very well-defined by the weapons they use. Spellcasters have much more variety, and can choose to do less damage for additional support/crowd control/status effects, or just nuke a target along with whatever happens to be nearby. Notable examples of the second are Tiberius’ spike in 17 when he double-fireballed the hydra and 6 other people in the vicinity (Yes, I’m counting Trinket as a person. #NoBearLeftBehind) and Keyleth’s spike in 46, when she destroyed multiple fire elementals with a single use of tidal wave.
  • Exceptions to the above are Vax and Grog. Assassinate and Brutal Critical allow these two to do a quite frankly obscene amount of damage in a single hit, and usually result in large spikes on the above graphs. Assassinate examples include episode 23, when Vax knocked out Kynan, and episode 24, when he knocked out the guard outside the Briarwood’s room. His near one-round-kill of Kerrion Stonefell in episode 29 is counteracted by two unfortunate zero-damage attacks using wooden stakes against the banshee in Pelor’s temple. Brutal Critical examples come from episode 4, with Grog’s HDYWTDT natural 20 against the bullette, and episode 48, where he successfully played whack-a-mole with the basilisks and Craven Edge.
  • Pike’s spike in episode 35 is entirely because that’s what happens when a cleric fights evil things. Radiant damage is doubled against demons, so Pike’s use of Guiding Bolt against Orthax doubled her average damage for the episode. There’s a smaller spike from her using her Mace of Disruption against the zombie giant in episode 32, but it might be larger if there was an actual damage roll for Destroy Undead, since she essentially splattered an entire army in a single attack.
  • Across all episodes, Tiberius has the highest average damage for Vox Machina at nearly 24.86 points per target per attack, with Keyleth at a close second at 24.46 points per target per attack. Lyra’s Disintegrate and Fireball spells and Gern’s candles place them at the highest over all characters at above 30 points per target per attack, with Thorbir coming in last at just over 10 points per target per attack. Trinket has the lowest average of all characters in Vox Machina at 11.36 points per target per attack.

Average Damage Across All Episodes