Battle Royale 2 Highlights

Due to a power blink at Stats HQ and a need to crash early for Friday morning responsibilities, we weren’t able to fully keep up with the live stats of the latest battle royale. However, we’re going to take advantage of on-demand video (along with the wonderful abilities to stop, start, and scroll quickly through) to go over some of the details of interest from the fight.

Natural 20s: 2

  • Percy (2:10:18) Dex save vs. Spirit Guardian

  • Pike (4:11:11) Dex save vs. Call Lightning

Natural 1s: 10

  • Keyleth (1:52:06) Contested Initiative vs. Vax

  • Vax’ildan (1:56:19) 3rd attack vs. Percy, round 1

  • Percy (2:20:58) Retort Misfire

  • Percy (2:29:15) Bad News Misfire (Luck roll)

  • Keyleth (2:49:28) 1st attack vs. wall, round 5

  • Pike (3:13:20) Concentration on Shield of Faith

  • Keyleth (3:20:54) Perception on Vax

  • Vax’ildan (3:25:17) Con save vs. Insect Plague

  • Vax’ildan (3:37:37) 1st attack vs. Pike, round 10

  • Vax’ildan (4:01:34) Dex save vs. encroaching lava

Total Rounds: 16

  • Round 0 (1:49:44): The party finds themselves plunged into an arena to battle each other for the pleasure of the Beyonder.

  • Round 1 (1:52:22): Percy takes the blunt of attacks from Vax and Keyleth, saving to avoid poison and blindness, respectively. Keyleth goes Earth Elemental and burns herself on molten rock, while Pike prepares for battle.

  • Round 2 (2:07:53): Earth!Keyleth loses sunbeam. Percy loses Retort to a misfire.

  • Round 3 (2:23:28): Vax continues to attack and hide, Keyleth smashes walls, Percy misfires with Bad News (burning his Action Surge to fix it), and Pike inflict wounds on Percy.

  • Round 4 (2:33:03): Vax misses against Percy, then hides again. Keyleth’s tremorsense comes into play. Pike and Percy exchange attacks, and Pike gets in a Healing Word on herself.

  • Round 5 (2:44:42): Vax dumps marbles on the ground. Keyleth attacks another wall, and Percy and Pike trade sword blows.

  • Round 6 (2:54:25): Vax renders Percy unconscious (2:56:21) before Keyleth and Pike incinerate him (3:04:07).

  • Round 7 (3:06:11): Vax continues guerilla tactics. Keyleth conjures a sleet storm. Pike slips and falls, but summons a spirit guardian and another healing word.

  • Round 8 (3:15:30): Vax continues guerilla tactics, but takes damage from the spirit guardian. Keyleth puts in some stone walls, and Pike summons an insect plague on Vax’s location.

  • Round 9 (3:27:11): Keyleth attempts to blast Vax and Pike with a fire storm, but only catches Pike. DM asks the chat what round it was, with a mistaken consensus of 13. Vax loses Haste. (Sorry, we weren’t much help at the time, either. Dang uncalled lightning.) Pike cures some of her wounds.

  • Round 10 (3:37:20): Vax clinks off Pike’s armor, then runs away. Keyleth does not perceive Vax. Pike casts another Cure Wounds and Shield of Faith.

  • Round 11 (3:43:55): Vax stays hidden, Keyleth prepares Blight, and Pike holds her turn until someone attacks her.

  • Round 12 (3:46:46): Vax continues hiding, Keyleth blasts Pike with a tidal wave, and Pike swings blindly at Vax, missing.

  • Round 13 (3:52:41): Vax hides, Keyleth summons a lightning cloud, and Pike casts Death Ward and Spiritual Weapon.

  • Round 14 (3:56:10): Lava begins to pour from the walls. Simon attacks, Keyleth prepares spells, and Pike moves her spiritual weapon.

  • Round 15 (4:01:03): Vax falls to Keyleth (4:03:17) and is swallowed by the lava (4:04:43). Pike casts Harm.

  • Round 16 (4:10:27): Pike snatches victory from Keyleth, finishing her with a combination shove into the lava and a clutch, unexpected Divine Word (4:20:15).

  • Epilogue (4:22:39): The Beyonder congratulates Pike, resurrects everyone, and wipes their minds as he sends them back, ending the story.

Total Running Time: 2:32:55