Calling All Volunteers!

Critical Role is off on December 22nd and 29th. Still need your CR fix on Thursday nights? Looking to avoid awkward political conversations with your distant relatives? Trying to procrastinate working on that final paper? (Yes, we know that’s what you’re doing, student critters. We are perfectly content to be your enabler.) Want to spend part of a day off watching an episode of Critical Role? 

We would love to have your help in finishing some statistics we’ve been tracking for months! We are so close on some of them, and we’d really like to publish our volunteers’ findings before Critical Role comes back on January 5th.

If you’re interested in watching a previous episode and would be willing to listen or watch for any of the Critter requests on our Current Projects charts, there are a few ways you can get in touch with us:

  • Email us at
    • We’ll send you an episode suggestion and for what we need you to watch.  Please message us back to confirm!
  • Message us here, on Tumblr, preferably non-anonymously. If you’re messaging anonymously, please include a way we can get in contact with you otherwise.
    • We have had… issues with the Tumblr Ask system before, so if you message us about watching an episode, and we don’t message you back, please email us.
    • That said, once you’ve messaged back to confirm, we will likely not send a message back, since Tumblr Ask removes the message from the Inbox, making it much harder for us to contact you later.
  • Send a tweet to @critrolestats (though you’ll just be directed to email us).

Also, we have a Ko-Fi page! Running the site, compiling stats, organizing volunteers, and writing up analyses is definitely a labor of love for us, but it is still a full-time, purely-volunteer labor. While the stats are always going to be free, if you find what we do here useful, a few dollars would help us with site maintenance costs, out-of-pocket expenses, and the occasional con visits. Thanks to those who have already donated both their time and their money!

Looking for other ways to help the Critter community at large? Here are some options:

Critical Role Transcriptions

The wonderful folks over at CRTranscriptions need your donations to fund transcribing every Critical Role and Talks Machina episode! You can do that here: Transcribing is expensive and absolutely worth it, and they need all the help they can get.

Talks Machina Critmas

This Tuesday, December 20th at 7pm PT is the special Critmas episode of Talks Machina, viewable on Twitch and Project Alpha. It was pre-taped so that the cast and crew could enjoy their full holiday, as Brian detailed here. Many of you sent in videos detailing what Critical Role means to you, as well as gifts for the cast and crew. We’re looking forward to feeling all the feels.

Critical Role Wikia

Have you ever checked out the Critical Role Wikia? If there are things you wonder about the game or the realm of Exandria, consider heading over there; @Vegancritter does a fantastic job of maintaining it. If there’s information you’d like to see on it that’s not there yet, considering sending VC a message to see how you can help get that information up there!

Update: Since VC is away for the holidays, you can contact or on Twitter CorvusAshwing!

The Crittery

@amandammclain (You liked those awesome infographics? She made them for us.) and @Starstuff84 have teamed up to create The Crittery, a place where critter artists can register their shop/their creations, like, art prints, jewelry, t-shirts, etc. in one searchable location. If you’re an artist or creator of some kind, consider signing up! If you’re looking for awesome critter-created products, this could end up being a great resource!

Critical Role Fan Creations

If you’re creating Critical Role fanart, make sure you tag it with #CriticalRole. If you’re perusing fanart, gifsets, panel videos, or fanfiction, make sure to give the creator some love!

There are a number of critter artists who are open for commissions right now. If you’re interested in commissioning an artist, search through the #CriticalRole tag, and if you see art you love, check the artist’s profile to see if they mention commissions.

Donations to Cast-Selected Charities

Consider sending a donation to any of the cast-selected charities listed here.

Critters, you are legion. We asked for help to track critter-requested stats a month ago, and your response was overwhelming in the best way. We have always been a fandom that takes care of each other; it’s what keeps us motivated to work hard to provide information that’s helpful and informative for all of you. We are humbled by your generosity.