Chroma Conclave Foreshadowing

Anonymous asked: What moments in past episodes left clues and hints about the coming Chroma Conclave attack?

The Story of Vox Machina

(0:13:50) Our heroes then locate and enter the home of General Krieg, finding a brainwashed servant, and a hidden passage that leads to a teleportation circle.  Using the device, they are transported to a distant cavern, high in a range of frost-covered mountains... and an incredible hoard of gold, jewels, and fine trinkets.

Across the room are 4 obsidian orbs set within the rock. As one is touched, a giant eye appears from within the black crystal and a voice erupts, calling for a "Brimsythe," and noticing the unfamiliar folk, growls, "Intruders... I know your face now. He is a fool, and so are you, insect." The orbs all crack simultaneously, becoming inert.

16 Enter Vasselheim

(1:02:10) Vex: Is Tiamat still alive? Is [...] she around?  Matt: At which point, both Yonn and Kima and all the scalebearers turn to you with a look of understanding that you don't quite know, but also the fear and the knowledge that... they don't say anything, they just give a look that says, 'Yes, very much so.'

CRStats Note: High Bearer Vord says in Episode 43 (2:10:18) that, though they feared it was Tiamat behind the attacks (who lives in Baator, one of the Nine Hells), he discerned that she was not responsible.  However, with Tiamat as the patron deity for most chromatic dragons, and Gilmore reporting in Episode 41 (2:35:32) about Thordak’s chest that, “where the scales of a dragon usually are uniform, there was an obfuscation of sorts, there was something different about his armor,” there is a possibility that Thordak may have some kind of otherworldly power, or vestige of Tiamat, aiding him.

That being said, Allura (Ep40, 2:41:45) and Cerkonos (Ep45, 2:49:50) discussed the Heart Crystal that was used to bind Thordak to the Elemental Plane of Fire.  It was “[…] immense, 15, 20 feet in diameter. It’s a gem of pure crystallized ruby, and elemental power and energy.”  It is also possible that this difference in Thordak’s armor was due to Heart Crystal.

22 AraMente to Pyrah

(3:12:09) Matt: You glance up, very strong elemental presence. As all of you can see, about a quarter of a milke, a half a mile away, you see there's something drifting in the sky that's burning like a beacon.

(3:15:10) Matt: You hear this *screech* and you glance in the distance and you can see, flying through the sky, a very, very large, ancient even, red-scaled dragon beast. 

23 The Rematch

(2:29:24) Groon: Your piety is accepted. Perhaps there may be a use for Kord for you and your compatriots in the future. Should this day arise, you will know, and you must hurry. Many, many evil minds come to rend the peace apart. There will be a day I call for you, Grog the Victorious. Stay alive.

38 Echoes of the Past

(2:42:53) Marisha: well, let's think of what happened last time we were here.  Sam: There was a dragon; there was loot.  Marisha: We fought a dragon.  Travis: There was a bunch of gold.  Marisha: [..] And there were three eyes in a wall.  Laura: Saying they were coming for us.  Travis: They cracked.  Marisha: We did crack one of them.  Laura: They all cracked.  Matt: There were four orbs, and then one eye showed up in one of the orbs.  Laura: These were dragon-eye things.  Liam: These were palantírs hanging in a wall, where another dragon somewhere peeked through…

(2:48:58) Matt: Best you can make out, parts of the rock […] there are a series of scratch marks across the set stones and rocks here, meaning that something large has rummaged through the rubble here.  Something with bladed or clawed appendages has been here and has very viciously or hurriedly attempted to find its way through the rubble. […]
Laura: Does it seem like this could have been made by a dragon, these scratch marks and stuff? […]
Matt: So, these marks across could very easily have come from a dragon, a very large one.   You also notice that there are elements of the rocks amongst this rubble that appears to be soot and singe marks across it.
Laura: Are dragons known for digging, or are there certain types of dragons that are known for digging?
Matt: There are a couple, yeah, that can burrow and dig through rock and stone.  In particular, the blue dragon, the one that you guys actually defeated here, can burrow naturally, as can the white dragon-are natural burrowers.  They’re not the most intelligent of all the chromatic dragons.  You also know that some of the metallic dragons also, like the brass dragon is a burrower as well as…
Marisha: Could they be capable of making the smooth tunnels?
Matt: Mmmm, not that smooth.  Those come from something else.