Clarota Masterpost

Piece by the one and only Kit Buss. More art added below!

If you spend enough time around the Twitter Critters, you’ve probably run across @Clarota_Reborn. This entire article, from the data collection and commentary on the mind flayer we knew best, is fully their handiwork. Thanks, “Clarota,” and enjoy, Critters! (Don’t miss Clarota’s playlist on Spotify!)

Episode 3

  • Spells/Abilities Used:

    • Wall of Force (between himself and Keyleth and Vex)

Episode 4

  • Damage Taken: 28 total

    • 28 (from failed save against bulette jump attack)

  • Damage Dealt: 32 total

    • 32 (from lightning bolt to bulette)

  • Spells/Abilities Used:

    • Mind Blast (ineffective against bulette)

    • Lightning Bolt (against bulette)

Episode 5

  • Damage Taken: 8, 28 with approx.

    • 20 from ballista bolt (This damage was not stated, but based on the description and average damage, I came up with this approximation)

    • 8 (from ballista bolt being pulled out)

  • Damage Dealt: 5, 110 with approx

    • 22 (from mind blast to duergar general)(This damage was not stated, but a successful mind blast was used to stun the general when he ran and mind blast also does an average of 22 damage on a successful save)

    • 55 (from extract brain on duergar general)(This damage was not explicitly stated, but extract brain deals an average of 55 and must reduce the enemy to 0 to extract the brain and that was done)

    • 5 (to ooze from lava it was placed into)

    • 28 (from ooze to hook horror) (This damage was not stated, but each time a party member made contact with an ooze, they took 28 acid damage so it seems reasonable that the hook horror would take that same damage from contact)

  • Spells/Abilities Used:

    • Detect thoughts (successful on duergar general)

    • Mind Blast (sucessfully stuns duergar general and deals damage)

    • Tentacles (no damage, grapple stunned duergar general as a free action)

    • Extract Brain (reduced duergar general to 0 hp)

    • Levitation (constant throughout all episodes, but specific mention here to fly over war camp

    • Lightning Bolt (causes ooze to split)

    • Telekenesis (lifts ooze and throws it in lava on top of hook horror)

  • Enemies Killed: 2

    • Hook Horror (ooze placed on top of hook horror and acid dissolves it)

    • Duergar general (brain extracted)

Episode 6

  • Damage Taken: 0

  • Damage Dealt: 0

  • Spells/Abilities Used: none

Episode 7

  • Damage Taken: 0

  • Damage Dealt: 0

  • Spells/Abilities Used:

    • Invisibility (when searching the Emberhold with Scanlan)

    • Dominate Monster (Sucessfully used on enemy illithid in the throne room)

Episode 8

  • Damage Taken: 28

    • 28 (from abomination’s acid cloud ability)

  • Damage Dealt: 22

    • 7 (to abomination from lightning bolt)

    • 15 (from tentacle attact (plus grapple))

  • Spells/Abilities Used:

    • Invisibility (Before taking the first watch)

    • Levitation (To cross the sea of glass and bone)

    • Blur (During the abomination encounter)

    • Lightning Bolt (very bad damage roll against abomination)

    • Tentacle attack and grapple (against abomination)

    • Levitation (to free himself from the grasping bones)

Episode 9

  • Damage Taken: 0

  • Damage Dealt: 12 total (lightning bolt to mind flayer)

  • Spells/Abilities Used:

    • Lightning bolt (against mind flayer)

    • Detect Thoughts (Used on Queen Ulara)

    • Levitation (Constantly floating around)

    • Clarota constantly uses telepathy to communicate, but in this particular instance, he uses his telepathy to share his memories of the cavern holding Yug'Voril effectively creating a shared map.

Episode 10

  • Damage Taken: 0

  • Damage Dealt: 11 approx. total (avg 11) (Unspecified Half Damage from mind blast to cloaker) note: this was an error on Matt’s part because Mind Blast does not deal half damage on a successful save, but he included it so I decided to list it here.

  • Spells/Abilities Used:

    • Invisibility (to escape from the cloaker)

    • Mind Blast (deals half damage to cloaker and does not stun it)

Episode 11

  • Damage Taken: 0

  • Damage Dealt: 47 total

    • 18 (Lightning Bolt to K'Varn)

    • 14 (Lightning Bolt to K'Varn)

    • 15 (Tentacles to K'Varn)

  • Spells/Abilities Used:

    • Sleep (on Fomorian to keep it sleeping)

    • Sleep (again to keep fomorian asleep)

    • Levitate (pretty constant, but specifically used to approach the temple)

    • Mind Blast (Unsuccessful against K'Varn, no damage)

    • Lightning Bolt (Against K'Varn)

    • Lightning Bolt (Also Against K'Varn)

    • Tentacle Attack (Against K'Varn)

Episode 13

  • Damage Taken: 88

    • 19 (Hail of Thorns from Vex, Sucessful Save)

    • 14 (22 to hit from Grog’s Axe)

    • 14 (22 to hit from Vex’s Arrow + hunter’s mark)

    • 19 (18 to hit from Vex’s Arrow + hunter’s mark)

    • 22 (19 to hit from Percy’s gun, killing blow)

  • Damage Dealt: 59 total

    • 22x2 (Mind Blast to Scanlan and Pike; both stunned)

    • 15 (Tentacles to Scanlan)

  • Spells/Abilities Used:

    • Mind Blast (Successful against Pike and Scanlan)

    • Tentacles

Lifetime Stats (Episodes 3-11 and 13)

  • Damage Taken:163 (87 in final battle) explicitly stated; 183 with approximations

  • Damage Dealt: 177 explicitly stated; 298 with approximations

  • Fun Fact: Depending on which damage calculation is used, either 33% or 20% respectively of Clarota’s total damage was against Vox Machina.

  • Enemies Killed: 2

Spells/Abilities Used in order of frequency:

  • Levitate-constant effect

  • Lightning Bolt-6

  • Mind Blast-5

  • Tentacles-4

  • Invisibility-3

  • Detect Thoughts-2

  • Sleep-2

  • Dominate Monster-1

  • Extract Brain-1

  • Wall of Force-1

  • Telekinesis-1

Additional Notes:

It seems reasonable that Clarota is simply an Arcanist Variant Illithid as he never uses any additional spells or abilities outside of what is listed in the template. The only difference is that Clarota wears his unique metal skullcap that shielded him from the corrupted Elder Brain and grants advantage on Wisdom-saving throws. Interestingly, Clarota never rolled a natural 20 or a natural 1.

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