Every DM tries to end the session leaving the players wanting more, and Matt is no exception. Vax gets a lot of talk about being left alone in compromising situations at the end of episodes, with a week to stew in worry in between. Rather than merely call out the rogue for his perils (for doing his job), we figured it was only fair to tally the cliffhangers when party members found themselves facing down uncertain circumstances. Updated through episode 57. Spoilers, obviously!

  • Grog - 5
  • Vax’ildan - 5
  • Scanlan - 4
  • Vex’ahlia - 2

02 - An Intellect Devourer renders the “brains of the group” catatonic. (Grog)

07 - Vox Machina avoids a lava flow with one fewer member in their ranks. (Grog)

08 - Vax finds Ullara’s camp, with a barbarian tied down to a cart. (Grog)

09 - Ghouls eye a lone treasure seeker. (Vax’ildan)

10 - A fomorian investigates investigators. (Scanlan, Vax’ildan, Vex’ahlia)

18 - Frost giants surprise Slayers’ Take Team 1. (Everyone)

20 - The otyugh prepares for a fresh meal. (Keyleth, Tiberius, and Kashaw)

24 - The Briarwoods welcome their uninvited guest. (Vax’ildan)

27 - The behir traps prey in the mountain valley. (Everyone)

30 - A gaggle of readied guards aim their crossbows at a sudden triceratops. (Scanlan)

31 - A horde of skeletons confronts the rebellion. (Everyone)

34 - The party flees the Ziggurat with an unrevivable ranger. (Vex’ahlia)

38 - A purple worm hears a snack. (Everyone)

39 - The Chroma Conclave lays waste to Emon as the party flees. (Everyone)

50 - Herd of Storms guards search for the origin of a mysterious thunderwave. (Scanlan)

51 - Grog lays down his weapons before Kevdak. (Grog)

54 - Umbrasyl flees from the battlefield with half the party in tow. (Vax’ildan, Scanlan, Grog)

57 - Gilmore reveals himself to actually be Hotis the Rakshasa. (Vax’ildan)

Episodes lacking physically dangerous cliffhangers: 39