Commentary on 20: Trial of the Take, Part 3

The Rakshasa can be considered a master grifter. As shown in ep 20, it can shapeshift at will, and can choose to be immune to ANY magical spells under level 7, and has advantage on saves level 7 or higher. What we didn’t see was that it can also Detect Thoughts at will; Team 2′s aliases were known the instant they walked into the Velvet Cabaret. We also didn’t get to see its complete immunity to nonmagical physical weapon damage. Thorbir’s philosophy that “I never met a problem that my ax couldn’t solve” is about to need a revision.

At will spells: detect thoughts, disguise self, mage hand, minor illusion

3/day each: charm person, detect magic, invisibility, major image, suggestion

1/day each: dominate person, fly, plane shift, true seeing

In addition, its basic claw attacks inflict a hidden curse on the victim that prevents them gaining any benefits from a short or long rest, and doesn’t reveal itself until the victim starts having nightmares. It can be dealt with by a Remove Curse spell.

The key to this battle is getting it to use up its one-a-day spells before they engage. The last thing they need it to have it on the ropes and for it to plane-shift away on the third day of the contract. In the event that Team 1 completed their contract and Team 2 does not… Well, that would just be an interesting conundrum for a split Vox Machina. And an interesting device to keep the guest stars flow, from the positive side of things.

In the event that they DO kill the Rakshasa, Rakshasa’s return to their place in the Nine Hells before they reform and return to the material plane. They are vengeful creatures; if we’re still playing years down the road and the Rakshasa is not killed on the Nine Hells, it could make a return.

The aberration Group 2 found in the garbage fits the description of the otyugh. Otyugh are drawn to a habitat of low light and foul smell, such as a swamp, sewer, or, in our case, a subterranean dump. Their primary concerns are food and food, in that order. It has three tentacles used to sense prey before revealing itself, then using those tentacles to shovel said prey into its mouth.

Otyugh can be used for “good” as a waste disposal, feeding on the garbage passed down to it with its insatiable appetite. They also make good guardians, provided their keepers keep them well-fed on trash and provide them unsuspecting adventurers when they inevitably run out of food.

A hungry otyugh can just as easily turn on its master… Unlikely for Group 2, as the Rakshasa will probably be far enough away that the team will probably prefer to dispatch their attacker in favor of using it against their prey. However, the otyugh has limited telepathy it can use to engage in one-way conversation with any creature nearby. There is potential for a conversation, assuming Vox Machina can respond back in Universal or Otyugh, or if the creature’s appetite isn’t at the forefront of its mind.