Anonymous asked: How many times has Matt said something along the lines of “very confused”?

…Come again?

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Updated through Episode 79.

01 Arrival at Kraghammer

  • (0:26:48) [Adra] is staring, confused, at you.
  • (1:01:44) [Trinket] looks at you, confused
  • (1:19:01) Trinket, the little mouse face, the moment you see it, looks very confused, very scared.
  • (1:21:00) You are very confused-Trinket now has no armor, a slightly different shade.

02 Into the Greyspine Mines

  • (1:52:44) You feel this strange wave of just mental confusion hit over your head… The wave of confusion takes hold over your brain.
  • (2:12:27) There’s a tiny little snail on the ground that’s looking very confused. Very- very confused. Which is ironic for an Umber Hulk to be confused.

06 Breaching the Emberhold

  • (1:18:14) You guys are both standing at the top of the wall with both of the duergar - one kind of facing away, one looking really surprised at the fact that you guys both appeared there.  You have a surprise round.
  • (1:34:28) Scanlan: But is he confused?  Matt: A little bit, but not enough to not be loading his crossbow for a second shot

07 The Throne Room

  • (0:59:49) .. a dagger comes swinging out from behind the doorway, stabs him in the other shoulder.  You see he looks down at it confused for a second as that dagger vanishes in a puff of dark smoke, returning to your belt.
  • (2:38:25) However all the duergar that are ready to strike as soon as you burst through take a step back looking extremely confused about what’s going on.

08 Glass and Bone

  • (2:07:56) The tentacle starts slapping around its body and it kind of looks confused.  It’s not enough to really do any damage, but it just looks unsure as to why its having a hard time controlling its own limbs.
  • (2:15:08) Sure. [Kima’s] currently held kind of held aloft by this vine that’s kind of like strapped her to this. She’s looking confused, like kind of thankful, but also wants to be let go.

09 Yug’voril Uncovered

  • (0:52:36) [Queen Ulara] looks at you with this look of confusion and completely off-guard frustration…
  • (0:56:42) As he rushes toward you … Scanlan (singing) Oh, don’t hit me!  Matt :.. he stops for a second, confused but he puts the warpick down for a second like … Duergar: Wait, wait, alright. Grrrr. You gnome!
  • (0:59:20) …and the mind flayer for a second looks confused before across the way to wherever it came from and sees nothing.
  • (1:00:42) The first blow hits the war pick, knocking it out of his hands. He looks over confused at you as the second blast hits him right in the side of the face, completely destroying this side of his head entirely.

10 K’varn Revealed

  • (0:59:25) As Scanlan grabs you and holds you for a second - for a moment you’re confused and you hear that strange shrieking moan in the distance then suddenly the darkness gives way to this flash of purple arcane energy and the two of you- POOF- fall a few inches into hard wood and you feel the boat rock for a second as you’re now outside in the boat being tugged by Keyleth the shark.

11 The Temple Showdown

  • (0:21:21) You get about a third of the way through wrapping the rope around his body. He kind of just sits there looking confused at you, his jaw a little slack as you continue to wrap….
  • (1:13:13) The big eye squints in confusion at the tiny thing, and just keeps licking the remnants of beef jerky off his fingers.
  • (2:24:59) Vex: Oh, my gosh, Tiny, you’re tiny!   Matt: The most confused looking mouse you’ve ever seen, if there could be an expression of “what the f***” on a mouse, it’s on that one.
  • (2:35:46) If a bear could have an expression- it would be bewilderment, confusion, and slowly trickling into joy.
  • (3:49:30) Tiberius: Quickly…and I get their attention.  Matt: And they stop and look up at you with a look of confusion… Tiberius: Look. I took the form of one of your own… Matt: [skeptically] Make a persuasion roll… OK.  Sam: You’ve stumped him.  Matt: There’s a really really really fine line here. Two of them kind of look at each other confused and look back…

13 Escape from the Underdark

  • (1:00:04) Vex: I’m going to put Hunter’s Mark on… the one attacking Scanlan.  Matt: OK.  Taliesin: Not on Scanlan, on the one attacking Scanlan.  Matt: Oh right, sorry. [General laughter and cross-talk from everyone] Matt: [Going with the joke] In the confusion … no.
  • (2:58:35) [Kima] steps back for a second, confused and looks over her shoulder at you.

14 Shopping and Shipping

  • (1:33:20) Grog: Lady Kima, do the gods allow you to have, ahhm, relationships?  Matt: Kima, you ask this and she kind of gives you a look of confusion and then, I mean she already has kind of a darker complexion for a halfling, but her cheeks grow noticeably ruddier, and she kind of averts her gaze.

15 Skyward

  • (1:26:40) Scanlan: Captain Damon, just morbid curiosity. Are you married, do you have a steady girl …?  Matt: He looks at you with surprise, confusion, worry … shakes his head out of misunderstanding.  Captain Damon: What? Scanlan: Never mind, we’ll talk later.  Captain Damon: Alright.  Matt: He looks entirely side-blasted by that.  He was not expecting that question. Nothing negative - just really confused.
  • (2:20:50) The wyvern SHWOOP turns into a bunny rabbit from underneath its rider and goes EEEEP plop and plummets. The rider which WEUAGHH and begins to fall as well immediately tossing a grappling hook as it falls.
  • (3:22:40)The wyvern who’s still clamped down on your body - your hear an audible HARUUM??? and as its tail swings towards you it just hits the ground next to you slamming into the wood - entirely distracted by your lack of fear and display of beautiful musical voice.

16 Enter Vasselheim

  • (0:37:33) Scanlan: I am Ioun stone bearer Scanlan.  [laughter]  Matt: He cocks his head curiously. […] Grog: I have a beard.  [laughter]  Matt: He gives you the most curious look of all, which is hard to follow off of Scanlan over here.
  • (0:42:01) Tiberius: I cast alter self real quick and I turn myself into I believe gold - ‘cause that’s the red equivalent of red on the metallic scale.  Matt: He gives you a curious look and goes…
  • (2:37:11) Both of these spiders stop in place looking severely messed up and damaged and just kind of hold their ground looking very confused.

17 Hubris

  • (1:20:06) A curious look comes across the bookie’s face

18 Trial of the Take Part 1

  • (2:06:14) With this look of confusion, this orc, who is trying to do the bidding of this gnome…

19 Trial of the Take Part 2

  • (0:22:28) It kind of looks at you with confusion, frustration, and, ‘How could you?!’ It’s incredulous in its torturous pain.
  • (0:22:45) Lyra: My cat is your friend.  Matt: It’s head turns even further to the side, as its tongue lolls out where its cheek was.
  • (0:31:41) They both kind of look at the group in confusion.
  • (0:33:24) They kind of look at Grog, confused.
  • (1:56:22) The dragon turns its head to side for a moment, with a glance of confusion and almost amusement that you speak up to it in such a disrespectful manner.

20 Trial of the Take Part 3

  • (1:47:26)  He gives you a look of confusion for a second.

22 AraMente to Pyrah

  • (0:24:21) There’s a brief moment where [Osysa] kind of just gives you this keen look, head to the side, like a curious creature.
  • (0:31:00) Vex: Can [Osysa] see through our eyes now? Matt: [Vanessa] kind of gives you a curious look.

23 The Rematch

  • (0:25:30) You see a couple of people knocked flat on their ass, heads shaking like, “What just happened?!”

25 Crimson Diplomacy

  • (0:32:05) On the stairs, you can see, looking jarred and confused, a human woman, brown hair, freckles, kind of mousy looking servant.

26 Consequences and Cows

  • (0:54:40) Sure. In the tension of the room, the slow, droning hum of the gnome, which you can notice, some of the guards kind of look at each other, confused.

28 The Sun Tree

  • (1:34:34) You hear, in the distance, an echoing sound go, “Yeeeaaaah!” Formless, sourceless, you stand confused for a moment, and continue to try and stealth.
  • (2:33:11) They turn away dumbfounded that you would walk into Whitestone.

29 Whispers

  • (2:39:00) [Kerrion and Vouk] both turn, completely caught off guard by this.
  • (2:47:17) [A dominated guard] pulls his heavy crossbow out, loads it, and aims it towards you, then *whoosh* trains it on his boss. Sir Kerrion looking confused by this whole circumstance.
  • (3:03:27) Sir Kerrion looks down, then is kinda like, looking very curiously [at peasant-Percy].
  • (3:12:03) You take your d10 of inspiration, confused, but accept the inspiration.
  • (3:36:15) All right, he seems momentarily confused before the blow of the..

31 Gunpowder Plot

  • (p1. 0:42:31) [Duke Vedmeyer] looks confused for a second and rears back to try to attack [Bigby’s Hand].

32 Against the Tide of Bone

  • (0:55:12) And at that point he takes a deep breath for a second, and turns over and is now in a sitting position,  breathing heavily, looking around himself, confused.
  • (3:17:41) Scanlan: We are…ninjas.  Matt: [Gloria] looks very confused at you.
  • (3:31:44) Grog: I f***in’ bite into the meat of my hand ‘cause I see what she’s trying to do.  Matt: Ok, she kind of *looks confused and disturbed*  Gloria: What’s wrong with you?!  Grog: Oh no, some nice type AB, right here, on-tap!  Matt: She tilts her head curiously, disgusted and disturbed by this display- very confused.

33 Reunions

  • (p1. 1:23:07) [Anders] looks surprised, angered, and very very confused about the way things suddenly happened.
  • (p1. 1:54:34) Keyleth: I want to wrap [Grasping Vine] around Cassandra’s feet, like her ankle. And I want to pull her to me. Matt: You pull her over to the side. She gets pulled across the ground, and she’s on her back now. Her eyes are a little starry-eyed.  [She] looks very confused.
  • (p2. 0:55:36) Cassandra looks around, very confused for a second.

34 Race to the Ziggurat

  • (0:35:56) It’s a very strange visual, and you’re very confused momentarily.
  • (2:36:11) [Delilah] is very confused for a second…

35 Denouement

  • (p1. 0:46:14) [Delilah’s] eyes dart around, in fear. You can see that her makeup is running down her cheeks from her own lamenting over Sylas’ loss, and the confusion of the ritual.

36 Winter’s Crest in Whitestone

  • (0:36:21) Marisha: Well, Keyleth is confused as to why everyone’s avoiding each other.

37 A Musician’s Nostalgia

  • (1:14:06) [Desmond’s] wide-eyed and so confused and overwhelmed by everything that’s happening…
  • (1:38:45) He seems to be bewildered, fearful, and not holding back any information.
  • (2:45:33) …and they both kind of step out, confounded.

38 Echoes of the Past

  • (0:19:47)…and he looks for a moment, almost in disappointment and confusion.

39 Omens

  • (0:09:26) She left…frustrated and confused, and hasn’t been seen since.
  • (0:53:37) Pike, uh…who currently is confused by the circumstances that have currently happened….
  • (0:54:01) She’s very, very…kind of worried and confused by the circumstance…
  • (2:57:42) The rest of Dr. Dranzel’s troupe arroves, kind of looking a little bit frazzled, a little confused.
  • (2:58:40) Dranzel: We’re sorry for any confusion, misunderstandings, and general debauchery.

40 Desperate Measures

  • (2:24:42) At this point, as you guys are having this conversation, and you guys are darting out; Vax, you stop, as coming down the stairs from the main floor is Ervin: frazzled, but still as put together the well as he can.

41 In Ruins

  • (1:38:34) They look down at this tiny, armored gnome that just knocked half their life out of their body, with a bit of confusion, worry, and a respect in a weird way. Well done, gnome!

42 Dangerous Dealings

  • (1:47:59) It’s confused and figuring out what’s…why is it doing this…

43 Return to Vasselheim

  • (3:23:43) [Groon] cocks his head like a confused puppy for a second.

45 Those Who Walk Away…

  • (2:07:38) As you [activate the crystal], Trinket gives a confused look…
  • (2:08:24) [Trinket’s] standing there, really confused.

46 Cindergrove Revisited

  • (2:25:21) It’s currently being surrounded by swirl of Hex shadow, and looking around, very confused, and wondering why he got up in the morning.

47 The Family Business

  • (0:24:20) You can see the few straggler Pyrah tribal members that come in, looking about surprised and bewildered and some of them a little freaked out by this transdimensional space they just stepped into, Tardis-style.
  • (0:31:22) Trinket comes along with you, in a very confused manner, attempts train with you for a short time.

49 A Name is Earned

  • (1:02:32) They’re all confused by the moment of the suddenly-disappearing hamster wheel…
  • (1:24:44) If you’ve ever seen an earth elemental go ‘Err?’” (makes a confused face)

51 Test of Pride

  • (0:08:01) At which point, Dranzel, whose face has fallen into a look of absolute fear and despair to confusion to mild frustration.
  • (0:13:47) They both stop and go, ’Uhhhh… are you seein’ what I’m seein’?’

52 The Kill Box

  • (0:16:33) The individuals in the center of the square start looking around confused, not knowing where it came from.
  • (2:53:35) There’s this tribal tension, this cultural tension that only exists within the initial herd, and has only been recently adopted by the Rivermaw that were absorbed by the herd and are still kinda confused by [the exchange between Grog, Greenbeard and Zanror].

54 In the Belly of the Beast

  • (0:13:20) Two folks in particular, they both little confused, by your overall design, kind of waiting for you to lead them in a specific direction.
  • (0:53:57) Travis/Grog: I’m a pick a number between 1 and 10…Ready, Go!  Matt: There is an awkward pause.
  • (1:07:10) He seems a little malnourished and a little confused, but nothing sets you off as untrustworthy.

61 Denizens of the Moonbrush

  • (0:11:05) …and Keyleth, kind pulled back, looking shocked and confused.

63 The Echo Tree

  • (2:42:29 ) As you tear into its body using the tree stride to kinda open it up, it looks down, confused…

64 The Frigid Doom

  • (0:09:03) Matt: Percy and Grog, you are very confused how you got here, and not quite sure why nothing has happened since you gathered here as friends.

65 The Streets of Ank’Harel

  • (1:25:33) They look confused and slightly scared at their table.
  • (2:23:08) The both seem confused, but also enamored with this tiny man who’s talking to them.
  • (2:23:48) Random teenager: I’m sorry, I’m confused?

66 A Traveler’s Gamble

  • (2:24:10) Some folks kinda give you an odd look to the side, a sideways glance as you step around.
  • (2:39:30) … and stare directly into the rhino-like helmet on your forehead, and just seem confused and lose interest very quickly.

69 Passed Through Fire

  • (0:14:41) Kynan: …just know that I’ve been very confused.
  • (2:30:57) Jarrett: You confuse me, gnome!

70 Trust

  • (1:02:54) Sam/Scanlan: Yeah Boiiiiiii!  Matt: Raishan looks very confused.
  • (2:51:21) Kima: I’m very confused right now.
  • (2:52:14) Mind you, [Kynan] just seems largely confused and doesn’t seem to know what’s going on.

71 Vorugal

  • (1:39:00) Kima: I am so confused right now.

72 The Elephant in the Room

  • (0:37:19) [The Ravenites] all just kinda look confused at each other…
  • (0:39:30) One of them was going for the tree and stops, and then looks very confused at the tree that wasn’t piercing inside the dragon, but seems rooted in it.  

73 The Coming Storm

  • (0:00:29) For those who don’t recognize my costume, you’re very confused…
  • (1:13:52) [Simon] leaps from your hand to his, kinda swirls down his arm, and [Kynan] kinda looks confused for a second as it wraps around him.

74 The Path of Brass

  • (0:45:20) You can see [General Ellie’s] expression drop a little bit into a curled eyebrow of confusion.

77 Clash at Daxio

  • (1:03:18) The wyvern pulls back its head, confused, and the jaws snap shut.
  • (1:32:10) She looks down, confused and angry at this fist that kind of turns into a middle finger immediately.