Oh, that wondrous anti-magic reaction. Reminder that a spell of 3rd level of lower automatically fails. If the spell is higher than the level of the counterspell cast, the counter must succeed on a DC of 10 + the spell’s level, or the spell follows through.

Updated through Episode 36. Thanks to TheSingingBadger, Kathatherine, Rusty-Diamond, and DragonMustang01 for their assistance!

Total Counterspells: 12 (10 successful).

  1. Ep07 (2:58:35) Tiberius against Queen Ullara’s Blur (success)
  2. Ep09 (0:58:17) Tiberius against Mind Flayer Plane Shift (success)
  3. Ep10 (1:46:43) Tiberius on Scanlan’s Dispel Magic…on Tiberius’ Silence on Vax (success)
  4. Ep13 (0:27:10) Tiberius against Scanlan’s Dispel Magic…which was against Tiberius’ Silence (success)
  5. Ep21 (2:54:00) Tiberius against Rakshasa’s Charm Person (success)
  6. Ep21 (3:42:11) Tiberius against Rakshasa’s Planar Shift (success)
  7. Ep25 (1:29:37) Tiberius against Lady Briarwood’s Feeble Mind (failure)
  8. Ep25 (1:34:53) Lady Briarwood against Scanlan’s Lightning (failure)
  9. Ep25 (2:47:52) Tiberius against Broker’s Invisibility (success)
  10. Ep25 (3:11:52) Tiberius against Old Lady’s Dimension Door (success)
  11. Ep33 (1:49:16) Scanlan against Anders’ Dimension Door (success)
  12. Ep34 (3:21:45) Scanlan vs. Delilah’s Dimension Door (success)