Crit Overview of Episodes 01-33

Because SOMEONE broke the metaphorical Crit Counter last night (¬_¬ @executivegoth), we’re spending our morning fixing it. While we’re doing that, we figured it was also a good opportunity to take a look at some records over the first 33 episodes of the show.

Most Nat20s in a single episode by a player character: Percy, 7, ep33. Taliesin easily took it away in episode 33 with seven Natural 20s, including switching away from the Golden Snitch. This record breaks the tie of four Natural 20s, earned by both Percy and Vex in Episode 19 vs. Rimefang. (Laura technically held the record for most Player crits with five, if we include Trinket.) Matt’s record also stands at 5, reached and held in episodes 31 and 32, respectively.

Most Nat20s over the full show by a player character: Percy, 36. Previously held by Vex in episode 32 with 31 to Percy’s 29. It should be noted that Matt has 41 Nat20s at this point. This should come as little surprise; he’s rolling almost twice to each player roll. That said, Percy is only 5 behind the DM. Seriously. Broken. (Vex+Trinket = 36. Laura and Taliesin are tied; Percy and Vex are not.)

Most Nat1s in a single episode by a player character: Thorbir, 6, ep21. Because Wheaton. Behind him sits Vax at 4 from episode 11. (Note that these 6 fails are STILL less than Percy’s 7 wins. The devil’s work.) Matt’s most Nat1s: 6, in episode 31.

Most Nat1s over the full show by a player character: Vax’ildan, 25. After Percy’s disgusting crit wave, the rip current of fails brought him to 19, enough to secure second in this category. Vax already had a hearty lead before this, though. (Matt has rolled the most at 29, but, again, DM rolls more.)