Crit Role Stats 10k Giveaway!

There are now over ten thousand of you following us on Twitter. Ten thousand. We are incredulous, and extremely grateful (which is well timed, considering it’s still Thanksgiving here!).

As thanks for helping us reach this milestone, we found it fitting to do another giveaway. Behold:

This package includes a copy of Volo’s Guide to Monsters, a set of dice, and a hand-painted dice box (custom by yours truly). To enter, follow us on Twitter and retweet this tweet between now and December 1, 2016, 11:59 PM PDT. Good luck, and thanks again, Critters!

Update: Congratulations to @SoCalCoaching for winning! Almost 1000 of you entered the drawing, and to say we were taken back by the positive response would be an understatement. We are very humbled by your followership, your interest, and your regular love and support, both to us and the rest of the community. We hope to continue to be your reliable source for Critical Role trivia and information, as well as continue to interact with all of you wonderful people. Love you all, and, Is It Thursday Yet?