tledvina-blog asked: How many times has Hamilton been mentioned on Critical Role and Talks Machina?

It’s no secret that all of us at CRStats can’t say no to Hamilton. Conclaves rise, dragons fall, and Hamilton has seen us through it all. The story of tonight is that one of us is going to be on Talks Machina (7pm PT), so you should be in the room where it happens and watch! 

Hamilton references on Critical Role and Talks Machina: 28 Updated to CR Episode 81 and TM Episode 8.

  • Ep49 (4:04:07) Sam: You are not throwin’ away your shot!  You are not throwin’ away your shot!  You’re just like your sister you’re young, brooding and you’re not throwin’ away your shot! (“My Shot”)
  • Ep58 (0:02:50) Cast: *sings* I wanna be in the room where it happens… (“The Room Where It Happens”)
  • Ep58 (3:41:34) Laura: Werk!  Marisha: Werk!  Laura: Eliiiiza! (“The Schuyler Sisters
  • Ep62 (0:31:10) Sam: Scanlan Shorthalt, I’m a gnome. My name is Scanlan Shorthalt, I’m a gnome! There’s a million chicks I haven’t boned, but just you wait, just you wait! (“Alexander Hamilton”)
  • Ep63 (2:01:50) Liam: Here comes the general!  Laura: Rise up! (“Right Hand Man”) NSFWish (one swear)
  • Ep64 (1:21:44) Travis: You’ll be the Hercules Mulligan of Vox Machina (Hamilton)
  • Ep64 (1:23:30) Sam: In the room where it happens? (“The Room Where It Happens”)
  • Ep64 (1:23:54) Sam: We’ll just have to Seeker Asum that it happened. (“The Room Where It Happens”)
  • Ep65 (0:46:28) Taliesin: *sings* Life doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes (“Wait for It”) NSFWish (one swear)
  • Ep66 (4:06:00) Marisha: I guess our girl is back in our narrative. (“That Would Be Enough”)
  • Ep67 (2:08:15) Liam: Can we get back to politics?  Travis: Please!  Liam: Please! (“The Election of 1800”)
  • Ep70 (0:17:20) Raishan: I proposed the Conclave. I assembled the others. I negotiated the agreements. I corrupted the binding stone. I prepared the Pyrah gate. I did everything. (“The Room Where It Happens”)
  • Ep70 (0:21:29) Keyleth: CALL ME CHILD ONE MORE G****** TIME. (”Meet Me Inside”)
  • Ep70 (1:37:12) The Raven Queen: Stay Alive.  Laura: *mouths* Stay aliiiiiive. (“Stay Alive”) NSFWish (one swear)
  • Ep72 (2:46:45) Travis: Yeah, Guns and Ships. (Hamilton)
  • TM1 (0:21:08) Discussion on how deep the obsession with Hamilton runs (deep).
  • Ep76 (0:26:04) Laura: *singing* We’ll tell your story! (“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”)
  • TM2 (0:02:20) Brian: Last week on the show, we had a guy named Travis Willingham on, Laura Bailey, they talked about Hamilton. This weekend, in the news, Hamilton’s everywhere! Lin-Manuel Miranda’s tweeting about Critical Role! So, just be careful what you say, because it might go viral.
  • TM3 (0:34:58) Brian: They’re gonna pull my clearance! Either that, or sales will skyrocket. You saw what happened with Hamilton last week!
  • Ep77 (0:07:46) Liam: I’m willing to wait for it. (“Wait for It”) NSFWish (one swear)
  • Ep78 (1:05:44) Laura and Mary: *singing* Stay aliiiiiiive. (“Stay Alive”) NSFWish (one swear)
  • Ep78 (1:20:39) Kash: You should talk less.  Sam: Smile more? (“Aaron Burr, Sir”)
  • Ep78 (2:51:57) Mary: *singing* In the eye of a hurricane… (“Hurricane”)
  • TM5 (0:43:09) Brian: *reading a question* …but I think Critters really want to know ‘were they both on the broom when it happened?’ (“The Room Where It Happens”)
  • TM6 (0:51:00) Marisha: It must be nice.  Cast: *singing* It must be nice, it must be nice.  Sam: To have 700 hit points. (“Washington on Your Side”) NSFWish (one swear)
  • Ep79 (1:07:13) Travis and Taliesin: In the eye of a hurricane there is quiet. (“Hurricane”)
  • Ep79 (1:49:07) Marisha: Riiiiise up! (“My Shot” from Hamilton) NSFWish (one swear)
  • Ep80 (1:24:59) Taliesin: Taking another shot.  Liam: Don’t throw it away. (“My Shot”) NSFWish (one swear)