Critical Role Character Sheets!

After months of checking, double checking, and triple checking, we give you not just the latest character sheets, but character sheets for all characters at each level since the stream started! For everyone who asked for spell lists, proficiencies, equipment, and other character attributes, this should suffice. ;)

Big round of applause to @kathatherine for leading the full project, including poring over many episodes and threads, filling out paper and PDF sheets from scratch, and rationalizing abilities, backgrounds, and proficiencies from the show backwards to the Player’s Handbook. Special thanks also go to  @dragonmustang01 for compiling the list of spells, and @fmacanadaguy for providing the fancy spell cards.

The sheets are also regularly available on our Character Sheets page. Just click on a character card, where you’ll find all character sheets for the PC. Enjoy!

Vox Machina


We realize that there may be some corrections needed as new information turns up. If you see something that needs correction, please email us with a time stamp or other adequate proof (pictures of character sheets would be great :D), and we’ll update as needed when we can. Thanks, and we hope you find these useful!