Critical Troll Chatroom Requests

The chat made all the difference in this episode. No really. They made ALL the difference. Here are the requests that came in that… well, made all the difference.

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Total requests: 22

Total earned by requests: $11,000

Total earned during episode stream: $20,282.41

  1. (0:15:55) Small street urchin boy runs by and steals paper.
  2. (0:29:56) Josephine, Leader of the Guild of Moderators, gives the party the Enchanted Red Stapler.
  3. (0:40:18) Edna has Tourettes and says Belial and Azmodan at random intervals.
  4. (0:43:12) Victor the black powder merchant returns to idolize Snugglelord. (We’re welcome.)
  5. (0:48:02) Goliath warriors riding giant tigers attack.
  6. (0:54:53) The stapler glows in order to defeat “the goly-aths.”
  7. (1:04:45) Orion and Liam have new accents. Snugglelord realizes his buttflap is open.
  8. (1:12:24) Snugglelord (unwillingly) gains the Pillow Shield.
  9. (1:12:58) The Deck of Many Things enters Salty Pete’s possession. Snugglelord becomes the pillow (unimplemented).
  10. (1:24:20) “Josephine, Leader of the Guild Moderators, comes out from the shadows. Wait for it, wait for it…” Cort gains the Ban Hammer of Doom as a consolation for his lost accent.
  11. (1:37:26) Snugglelord is overcome with the urge to heal the injured with hugs.
  12. (1:38:26) Black unicorn cod piece.
  13. (1:43:26) Stephan becomes a monk. With a six pack.
  14. (1:43:47) Snugglelord falls in love with Princess Ryco.
  15. (2:00:40) Gary the badger comes to life as a spirit animal, and restores Liam’s accent.
  16. (2:01:48) Salty’s fingers return… Then the illusion fades. Overlord rejoices.
  17. (2:03:27) Nuclear-sized explosion in the distance brings everyone to full health, swaps everyone’s genders, and ages Stephan[ie] to 11, who surges with power to level 10. Create “game-breaking Captain Planet” (unimplemented).
  18. (2:03:41) “I give because I could, for those who couldn’t!”
  19. (2:31:50) The musical round begins!
  20. (2:32:29) ~~~~~~~Swinton~~~~~~~~~…
  21. (2:56:10) IT WAS ALL A DREAM.
  22. (3:00:10) Stephanie hunts down the party… Except for Edna, who is missing, for some reason.