@Starstuff84 on Twitter may have found our first legitimate “Nope” out of Orion. Check out Ep11 (1:16:43) for Tiberius’s failed Nature check vs. the Fomorian. Unfortunately, no number is announced, so we’re in deliberation.

AshesOfValkana gets credit for picking out the “Nope” in Ep20 (2:42:04) when he and Kashaw are checking out the bedroom, and for figuring out that it’s only a 2.

We just have 6 episodes left to look through for any remaining ones, but in the meantime, what do you all think? Natural 1, or just a low roll?

After further analysis, we have come to the conclusion that Tiberius’s Nature check was merely a low number rather than a Natural 1. Immediately before Orion’s roll, Sam rolled a declared Natural 1. We find it improbable that Orion would not have commented on the oddity that both individuals had rolled a 1 in succession. Since his first reaction was to move along rather than remark on it, we conclude that Orion’s roll was merely low, and not a Natural 1.

Naturally, if Orion counters this conclusion with his own memory of this specific roll, then we will be forced to recognize it as a Natural 1. Unless that happens or until another example is encountered, Orion’s record on Critical Role shall stand at two Nat1s, first gained in Episode 22.