Critter Appreciation

We’re over ¾ of the way through Phase 1 of the very, very, very big task of recording ever roll, with plenty other projects added into the mix. It’ll still be a while before the big tasks are completed, but I wanted to give credit and a huge thanks to all of the Critters who have been just KILLING it with their contributions (and saving my sanity, as a side effect).

Every single one of these individuals have been a huge help on a number of the projects we post here on the blog. Without them, we would not have a lot of the content available to you today, or have gotten so far on the daunting project that is average rolls.

On a side note, volunteers and submissions are always welcome! If you want to help with the current array of tasks or would like to share some information that other people would be interested in, you can contact us on Tumblr, on Twitter, or via email (critrolestats at gmail). If you just have a question about something about the show, Twitter or the Ask box is always open!

As a caveat to that, the blog will be on a week-long hiatus starting Thursday, as I will be on vacation. We’re still going to try to live-tweet the broadcasts (assuming we’ll be able to watch them), but communication Friday through Wednesday is going to be sporadic. If you send us an ask or a volunteer request, know that we love you for it, but we probably won’t be able to respond until we get back.

Thanks again, Critters. And a huge round of thanks and applause for our volunteers!