Critter Art

palchinski asked: Has anyone organized all the pre/post-stream art? I know they have the Geek & Sundry galleries, but I seem to keep seeing ones that aren’t in there. 

Organizing all of that art is done by the inimitable Mr. Liam O’Brien. If you see a piece you like, you can find and follow that artist via their Twitter, Tumblr, or DeviantArt accounts! Critical Role Source does a great job of reblogging a lot of critter art, so that would be a good option to check out. Searching the Critical Role hashtag on Tumblr and Twitter is another solid choice.

As a friendly reminder, please do not repost or reuse artists’ work without their permission and credit. Reblogging and retweeting the original artist is fine, but if you plan on making your own post, profile header, or content with it, make sure you have the artist’s permission AND make very clear that it’s their hard work on display. Critters have the capacity for immense generosity; make sure that extends to our artists! Ioun knows they deserve it.