CRStats Favorite Moments (Eps 01-38)

@tytytheshyguy asked: Hi! So I’ve recently discovered (like about two weeks ago) critical role and decided to catch up and am on episode 38 and I was just wondering what some of your favorite moments were…

In anticipated memoriam after tonight, we Dammit, Andrew, we said NO! Everything’s going to be FINE!

We tried really hard to keep this list under 20, but there are four of us, and we couldn’t decide. Also, we kept coming up with more the longer we thought about it. (Seriously. We added like four of these today.) We’re just lucky we were limited to the first 38 episodes, or it’d be closer to 50. The list is in order of appearance, not ranking—we have no idea how we’d even come up with a ranking for them.

  • Keyleth’s “Dwarvish” accent (Ep02, 0:52:50)
  • Finding Clarota (Ep03, 2:12:35)
  • Kima’s Revenge (Ep06, 2:33:50)
  • Grog vs. Tiny (Ep11, 1:49:39)
  • Gilmore’s Glorious Entrance (Ep14, 2:03:21)
  • Wyvern turned Bunny (Ep15, 2:19:48)
  • Holy Man Scanlan (Ep16, 1:13:49)
  • Zahra’s HDYWTDT on Rimefang (Ep19, 3:23:37)
  • Grog “Haggles” (Ep22, 1:07:20)
  • Grog Defeats Kern (Ep23, 1:25:25)
  • Burt Reynolds Gets Keyleth and Tiberius Out of Jail (Ep23, 1:38:03)
  • Victor the Black Powder Merchant (Ep23, 2:08:28)
  • Pretty Trinket (Ep24, 2:18:28)
  • Beardgate (Ep24, 2:34:33)
  • Vox Moochina (Ep26, 2:34:35)
  • The Sun Tree (Ep28, 2:38:18)
  • Getting into the Zenith Temple (Ep29, 0:30:00)
  • Scanbo (Ep31, p1. 0:13:45)
  • Pike Appears, Destroys an Army (Ep32, 0:25:00)
  • Ripley is the Luckiest Person in Whitestone (Ep33, p1. 0:31:48)
  • Pike Saves Vax from Possession (Ep 33, p2. 1:22:35)
  • Scanlan Writes an Epic Poem and Commissions a Painting (Ep 36, 0:25:09)
  • Grog Meets Craven Edge (Ep36, 0:49:20)
  • Trinket the Human (Ep36, 2:00:20)
  • Vax and Gilmore Have a Conversation (Ep38, 0:58:33)
  • Kaylee Tells Us About Herself (Ep38, 1:19:04)