Dagger, Dagger... Wait, those aren’t daggers.

For those moments when words AND the way of blades aren’t piercing enough. Thanks to The Singing Badger for organizing this list! Updated through Episode 36.

Logged Vax’ildan Birds: 18

03 Strange Bedfellows (BillieBluJean, rusty-diamond)

  • (1:50:07) Double bird when leaving duergar war camp.
  • (2:00:26) Double bird towards Duergar War Camp.

04 Attack on the Duergar Warcamp (burdenedwithnopurpose)

  • (2:26:04) Single bird in response to a duergar soldier missing him.

07 The Throne Room (rusty-diamond)

  • (1:10:43) “I’m thinking of the middle finger” to the Illithid attempt to bore into his mind.

09 Yug’voril Uncovered (rusty-diamond)

  • (2:19:12) Two separate single birds to the dwarf body whose armor cursed him with cold when he tried to grab it.

10 K’varn Revealed (rusty-diamond)

  • (0:58:48) Double bird to the cloaker while fleeing.

11 The Temple Showdown (rusty-diamond)

  • (4:22:49) Double bird toward Undead K’varn when the beholder fails to hit Vax with a psychic beam.

13 Escape from the Underdark (rusty-diamond, dragonmustang01)

  • (0:54:55) Double bird toward the Intellect Devourer who fails to take over his mind. “That’s to the brains, the brains. (Little bit to Matt.)”
  • (0:55:25) Double bird toward the other Intellect Devourer who also fails to take over his mind.

18 Trial of the Take Part 1

  • (0:11:35) Matt acting as Vax, flipping off Grog.

24 The Feast

  • (3:09:48) Invisible bird to Vex during the dinner.

25 Crimson Diplomacy

  • (2:47:40) Single bird to The Broker before the fight begins.
  • (3:03:15) Double birds to monk’s first attempt to breach the Anti-life Shell.
  • (3:03:26) “That’s unfortunate.” Double bird to the Broker’s monk.

30 Stoke the Flames

  • (0:55:10) While not technically birds, Vax does the eff-you under-the-chin flick at a Vampire Spawn

34 Race to the Ziggurat

  • (1:12:36) A begrudging single digit to one of the opals in the copper room.

35 Denouement

  • (p1. 1:45:09) While not technically birds, Vax’ildan does the eff-you sign after Keyleth casts light beam.
  • (p2. 56:45) At Grog after his failed attempt at pantsing Vax’ildan.