Emon: Estimated Size

In Quick Answers 29, we were asked what our estimate of the size of Emon is (pre-Thordak. We imagine the city might look a little differently now…). We didn’t know, but @chromaticallymonochrome was curious, using what map resources are available to provide his own estimate. Thanks, Thomas, and enjoy!

After reading through “Quick Questions 29”, the question about Emon’s scale really made me curious. After a bit of number-crunching, and some really educated guesses, here’s what I came up with:

Given my calculations, 1,100 meters across should be at least in the right ballpark. I’ll also be the first one to admit that these numbers are far from exact. They are by no means “facts,” but I’d hope for them to be a bit more than an “educated guess.” Now, onto to what got me to these numbers.

Using the template of Greyskull Keep plans given by Matt, I measured - through guessing that the front entrance consists of double-doors, both of of average contemporary size (36 inches, ~90 centimeters) - that that red square next to the foyer is roughly one square meter (22x22 pixels). Placing it on top of ordinary objects, such as tables and beds, seems to leave a faithful enough impression that that is most likely the case. Using those numbers as parameters, I came to the conclusion that Greyskull Keep is approximately 18x18 meters (keyword: approximately).

The next step was to transpose that onto the map of Emon. Since Greyskull is not officially labeled or seen on the map, this is where where my biggest guess lies. Considering the scale of the keep, I guessed that it was on par with most of the houses on the Cloudtop District.

Circled above is the house I used as substitute for the actual structure of the keep; Using that as a means of measurement, I came to the conclusion that a 10x10 pixels square, on that given map, is approximately 18 meters squared (324m²). From then, It was easy enough to calculate the size of the actual city, from the westmost side to the eastmost: About 1,100 meters, or less than a mile

To reiterate, these numbers are not exact, but they are, I’d like to think, a good enough estimate. Given that Matt rarely seems to work with numbers when describing locations (and numbered estimates are hard to generate on the fly -Ed), that’s the best I got.

Thanks again to @chromaticallymonochrome for these calculations! In addition to these, we’d also like to direct your attention to some travel times and locations stated in the episodes:

  • Ep13 (2:18:40) Scanlan mentions that the party has to go across the full city to go from the Liceum in the Erudite Court to go home.
  • Ep13 (2:32:50) Greyskull’s location at the south of town
  • Ep38 (2:05:00) The party travels from the palace to the Graveyard District to hunt Riskel Daxio
  • Ep41 (about an hour in) The party sneaks through ruined Emon