Feywild Advice

Anonymous asked: What has the party been warned about in the Feywild and what advice have they completely ignored (from Gilmore, Garmelie, Mr. BadDad, Nala, etc)?

Advice Vox Machina has not ignored:

  • Garmelie: These are best to be avoided; they’re mandrakes. (Ep59, 2:55:50).
  • Tirelda: You’ll come upon [The Gilded Run] one way or another, unless you traverse the Green Sea, but that I would not recommend. (Ep60, 1:46:07).

Advice Vox Machina has ignored:

  • Gilmore: Trust nothing and no one (Ep58, 3:35:38)
    • Immediately trusted Nala
    • Have placed trust in Garmelie to lead them to The Gilded Run
  • Nala: Gauge with care that which you tamper. Many things lie and live in these lands that could be of aid, and many… of your destruction. Words spoken by many that live and call the Feywild home are, in themselves, riddles. Deceit is a common form of time passage. And those that wander from beyond, well, some would consider you more of a toy or a plaything than a visitor or passerby. (Ep59, 0:49:40)
    • Yelled at grass, then threatened to burn it.
    • Pixies turned Grog into stone and thought it fit to take him back to be a part of their garden.
  • Nala: Fey specks. They are small entities that care to the underbrush in the forests here. […] I’m sure they lead you many places, none of them may be where you’re trying to go. I wouldn’t trust them to guide you. (Ep59, 0:52:05)
    • Followed the faerie lights in the Moonbrush.
  • Garmelie: Avoid the Last Campsite of Sorudun the Happy. If you see a campsite that’s empty, looks happy, AVOID IT. (Ep59, 2:17:55)
    • Were immediately drawn to it and fell prey to its spell (Otto’s Irresistable Dance).
  • Garmelie: Do not get involved AT ALL [with the Pixies and Lycans’ eternal struggle]. (Ep60, 2:27:40)
    • After entering the Moon Brush, VM was immediately forced into helping the Lycans, then trying to help the pixies, then destroying the pixies and freeing the lycans from their captivity in the Moonbrush.
  • Garmelie: [Ukurat] is also to be avoided. (Ep60, 2:28:25)
    • Almost immediately had to parlay with Ukurat himself upon entering the Moonbrush.

Advice Vox Machina has not yet had the chance to ignore:

  • Garmelie: Things to avoid: 1. The hut of Wodenna. NO HUT. (Ep59, 2:17:16)
  • Garmelie: And three: Avoid The Theatre (Ep59, 2:19:12)
  • Syldor: And if anything comes your way that you feel you are incapable of handling, run. (Ep60, 0:56:16)
  • Tirelda: Good luck, safe travels, don’t die, let us see each other on the battlefield soon to slay a dragon. (Ep60, 1:48:00)