A few curious critters have asked us how many gallons of water have been flushed over the course of each episode break. Thanks to this submission from KageyKritter, we have the numbers:

On April 1, 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown’s Executive Order B22-15 added additional water conservation efforts to California law, restricting the sale of toilet to 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf), or 4.85 liters per flush (lpf). Urinals have been reduced to 0.125 gpf (~1 lpf).

Our first estimate will be for the cast and crew of Critical Role on the Geek and Sundry set in California. We’ll estimate twelve people at the set of Critical Role on most Thursdays. Provided that one flush does the trick (and that’s a big if), 12 * 1.28 = 15.36 gallons (58.15 liters). If we assume that half of them are inclined to stand, we can estimate (0.125 * 6) + (1.28 * 6) = 0.75 + 7.68 = 8.43 gallons (31.91 liters).

In the rest of the US, in 2006 the EPA enacted the WaterSense Program for new toilets at 1.6 gpf (~6 lpf), with urinals generally using around a half gallon to a gallon (about 1.9-3.8 liters). We can only estimate for critters in other countries.

The live viewer totals have recently exceeded 20,000 screens per episode. Provided everyone uses the break, the average flush is 1.6 gpf, and the average number of viewers per screen is 1.5 critters, 1.5 x 20,000 x 1.6 gpf ≈ 48,000 gallons (181.7 kiloliters).

Considering the wildlife affected by the increased drought conditions, we as conservationists encourage those who are able: Please Stand Up For Critters!