“Good to know.”

Hey, confirmation is always a good thing.
Total instances of “Good to Know”: 46
Times stated by Matt: 37
Updated through episode 36. Thanks to our volunteers for helping put this list together!

01: Arrival at Kraghammer

  • Laura (0:38:06) After Matt explains Kraghammer’s “daytime hours.”
  • Laura (1:02:07) Vex, when told by the Carvers not to bring her bear into the city.
  • Laura (1:02:08) Vex, repeated, same reason as previous.

03: Strange Bedfellows

  • Matt (1:50:39) In response to Liam explaining his use of Uncanny Dodge.

04: Attack on the Duergar Warcamp

  • Matt (2:05:21) In response to Orion reading the Grand Columns spell description.

05: The Trick About Falling

  • Matt (2:02:46) After Orion corrects his attack rolls for Scorching Ray.
  • Marisha (3:05:16) After Matt clarifies that the Aboleth is not a beast.

08: Glass and Bone

  • Matt (1:17:48) Describing Vex’s Primeval Awareness of nearby aberrations.

10: K'Varn Revealed

  • Laura (0:35:45) Matt clarifies that the Bracers of Archery affect only her damage.
  • Matt (1:31:30) In response to Vax’s 41 stealth check.

11: The Temple Showdown

  • Matt (0:47:48) In response to Pike’s request for a magic lasso as a spiritual weapon.
  • Laura (4:28:17) In response to Matt explaining that the magic contraption is dangling above Vax’ildan.

13: Escape from the Underdark

  • Matt (1:05:51) In response to Marisha explaining that the Earth Elemental has multiattack.

14: Shopping and Shipping

  • Matt (3:04:15) Gilmore’s response to Vax’s invitation to Greyskull Keep.

15: Skyward

  • Orion (0:29:13) Tiberius, after Gilmore explained that enchantments can’t be predictably stacked.
  • Matt (2:02:09) In response to Laura stating she gets +2 to Perception vs. “dragony things.”
  • Matt (2:17:22) In response to Orion’s low Animal Handling roll.
  • Ashley (2:32:37) In response to learning how to use Hallow at a future time.

17: Hubris

  • Matt (2:26:30) After Orion clarifies he had cast Greater Invisibility.
  • Matt (2:27:32) After Liam clarifies Assassinate, doubling the damage dealt to the hydra.
  • Matt (3:25:33) Vanessa, disbelievingly, after Liam says they killed a beholder.

18: Trial of the Take Part 1

  • Matt (1:47:18) Taking a note that Percy’s buttflap pajamas will affect his AC.

19: Trial of the Take Part 2

  • Matt (2:41:55) In response to Lyra’s choice to run from the dragon.

22: AraMente to Pyrah

  • Matt (0:15:07) In response to Laura’s low Perception check.
  • Matt (3:06:18) In response to Keyleth gaining fire resistance.
  • Matt (3:30:39) In response to Orion’s damage dealt from the Blight scroll.
  • Matt (3:35:35) In response to Pike’s damage total.

25: Crimson Diplomacy

  • Matt (1:12:17) Regarding Scanlan’s DC for Suggestion.
  • Matt (1:34:06) Grog’s extra flame damage against Sylas.
  • Matt (1:45:13) After Marisha’s description of Sleet Storm.
  • Matt (2:55:42) After Orion clarifies that Empowered Spell can be used with other metamagics.

28: The Sun Tree

  • Matt (0:22:02) In response to Grog’s dex save vs. the behir’s lightning breath.
  • Matt (0:26:55) In response to Grog’s damage against the behir.
  • Matt (1:06:36) In response to Vax’s stealth check.

31: Gunpowder Plot

  • Matt (p1. 0:24:42) After Scanlan prepares to insta-gore all incoming guards.
  • Matt (p1. 1:27:21) In regards to Grog’s Reckless Attack.

32: Against the Tide of Bone

  • Matt (0:34:35) After Pike shares her spell DC.

33: Reunions

  • Matt (p1. 1:38:14) In response to Keyleth’s Healing Word on Cassandra.
  • Liam (p1. 2:12:07) Defiantly, after Laura passionately tells him she hates the sounds of teeth striking together.

34: Race to the Ziggurat

  • Matt (2:37:28) In response to Vex’s aerial stealth check.

35: Denouement

  • Matt (p1. 1:13:02) In response to Percy’s damage against Orthax.
  • Matt (p1. 1:18:12) After Grog decides to hold his turn until Orthax’s reappearance.
  • Matt (p1. 1:22:39) In regard to Vex’s Favored Enemy: Fiends, and Pike protecting Percy.
  • Matt (p1. 1:24:29) In response to Vex’s 12 Stealth check.
  • Matt (p1. 1:28:18) In response to Percy’s damage against Orthax.
  • Matt (p1. 1:50:03) In response to Vex’s 21 Stealth check.