G&S Subscriptions and CR episodes

This submission, collection of data, and speculation regarding came from Cameron Rosenthal. While CritRoleStats hasn’t sought out the number of live viewers or subscribers over time (or, harder yet, the total number of Critters out there!), we strongly appreciate the work regarding our (not-so-little anymore) fandom. Thanks, Cameron, and enjoy, friends!

Update: This post actually answers an anonymous haiku we received last week:

New Critters, new views
Coming faster and faster
How big could this get?

This past episode [Editor: Episode 40] the critical role subreddit was subreddit of the day, and #criticalrole was trending on Twitter. It seems our tiny community grows every Thursday, and I wanted to try and track that progress. The Twitch stream views for every episode don’t seem to be archived, so instead I recorded the G&S subs at the beginning and end of the episode. Do what you want with the data, my interpretation is below.

I first wanted to see the trends related to the number of people who subbed during an episode. Was there an overall trend? Are there particular kinds of episodes that make people want to subscribe more? Episodes 15 and 17 are clear outliers at 312 and 375 subs respectively. The explanation for 17 is clear. This was the episode where a Critter said at the top that they would send VM their first full-sized stuffed bear if we reached 5000 subs, a goal which was overshot by 40. The previous sentence is why I love Critters. Episode 15 makes less sense, it’s mostly the encounter on the airship between Emon and Vasselheim. It was a fun episode, but there’s no obvious reason why it would inspire 90 more subs than its closest competitor. My theory is that, since it was the first stream after episodes started going up on Youtube, a new audience flocked to see the live show. 28 and 29 might also be looked at as outliers because ‘No Shave till 10K’ was a thing, and we see a huge drop after they reach 10K likely because of this. I kept it in the analysis be cause it isn’t too far outside of normal. It’s a very scattered pattern, it’s doubtful you could predict much of anything from it, except for a general slow and erratic increase over time. The only significant dropoff seems to be during the Briarwood episodes, but because those episodes were rooted in emotional involvement in Percy’s story that kind of makes sense. Lastly I think it’s worth pointing out that a bit over 1/3 of all G&S subscriptions occurred during an episode of CR, which is a lot considering it’s only 4 hours of a huge and very good Twitch channel.

I also wanted to track Total G&S subscriptions against CR episodes. I used the end of broadcast numbers for this. The plot is amazingly linear, to the point where one could comfortably attempt to forecast from it. Barring any huge changes, G&S will celebrate its 50,000th subscriber during episode 140, a short 100 episodes from now. I also believe this will happen during show time as CR was running when G&S broke 3,000, 5,000, 7,500, and 10,000 subscribers. 

To critrolestats: I know this is a bit outside the norm for you, and honestly the connection between subscribers and actual Critters is hazy to the point of invalidating it all. Still, maybe you can do something interesting with the raw data. If you know where I could get stream viewership data or any other strong indication of our community size it would be appreciated. I’ve always jumped on small internet communities that had already grown up or quickly die, it’s fascinating to observe one growing and reaching it’s potential.