Help SERIOUSLY Desired...

While we’re celebrating the completion of a set of lists (and working on the stats for all the monsters between the start of the show and now), we’ve finally received the inevitable behemoth of a request: Can you log every single roll by Vox Machina, and calculate the average roll for each player?

I’ve personally seen every episode at least 5 times, so as much as I would love to get right on this (and the other requests that we’ve received this afternoon), we’re going to need a break. We’ll return to work on putting out Monster Analyses on a regular basis, but 22 episodes (with more on the way) is a lot of work, even with our outstanding volunteers.

So! If you’re planning on rewatching episodes, we could surely use another set of analytical eyes. Even if you can only take a single episode, if we can get least 20 Critters on this, we can tear right through these. Message me either on here or Twitter when you’re ready to start an episode, and we’ll give you the list of things to log. Any and all help is appreciated!