I Have No Words

Anonymous asked: How many times has Matt said “I have no words” or is rendered speechless regarding critter gifts or generosity?

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17 Hubris

  • (3:41:12) Matt, overwhelmed by donations: I have no words. I have no words. You guys are ridiculous.

18 Trial of the Take Part 1

  • (0:05:46) Matt: You guys are the best. I have no words.

19 Trial of the Take Part 2

  • (4:26:00) Matt, hand on heart: All you Critters…(chuckle)…no words.

31 Gunpowder Plot

  • (p3. 0:09:00) Matt: I can’t even…
  • (p3. 0:11:34) Matt: I can’t even…
  • (p3. 0:16:05) Matt: I can’t think…
  • (p3. 0:16:50) Matt: I can’t even…
  • (p3. 0:20:31) Travis, to Matt: You’ve lost your word.  Matt, I did.
  • (p3. 1:02:39) Matt: I don’t know…I don’t have words… I’m progressively without words at times like this.
  • (p3. 1:11:35) Matt: That’s…I got nothin’.
  • (p3. 1:13:44) Matt: That’s amazing…I can’t even. I can’t even!

41 In Ruins

  • (4:28:00) Matt: I can’t even, guys… I can’t even…you guys…
  • (4:29:07) Matt: Once again…and perpetually without words to express our gratitude…

50 Best Laid Plans

  • (4:05:13) Liam: And I’m kind of speechless.
  • (4:38:30) Marisha, about the bone comb: I have no words. No words.

78 The Siege of Emon

  • (0:08:29) Matt, by Mark’s generosity: I’m blown away.