In-Game Time Passed

How many in-game days have passed since the show started? Quite a few.

Updated as of Episode 34, regularly updated here. Thanks to @vox-machina, @criticalrolesource, @thesingingbadger, @kathatherine, @dragonmustang01, and @Tiamat_ZX for providing times! Update: Thanks to  @yellowsmoke318 for correcting our Underdark submissions.

  • Total in-game days since stream started: 53 days
  • Time since Vox Machina pissed off the Elder Brain: 46 days
  • Time since Pike started work on the Vasselheim temple: 35 days
  • Time since the rakshasa was killed: 32 days
  • Time since the Briarwoods charmed Uriel and fled Emon: 16 days

Kraghammer: 2 days

  • (1) Vox Machina arrives in Kraghammer. One night only: Trinket vs. Balgus.
  • (1) The party negotiates with Nostoc Greyspine after killing a stitch naga. They also tick off Master Thunderbrand and buy supplies from the Value of Valor.

Underdark: 6 days

  • (1) The party prepares for the encounter with K’Varn, defeating him twice before claiming the Horn of Orcus. The party flees from the Mind Flayers, arriving back in Emon.
  • (1) The party takes the elevator down the mine, ventures into the Underdark, and fights off Umberhulks. The party rests while Grog is catatonic.
  • (1) The party finds and allies with Clarota, defeats the General and the bulette, and flees from the duergar warcamp before tangling with ogres, black pudding, and hook horrors.
  • (1) The party assault the Duergar Throne Room, loses Grog, and rests to heal Vax’s foot.
  • (1) The party fights an abomination, finds Grog, defeats the Queen, and have their first conversation with K’Varn
  • (1) The party defeats a cloaker, scries on K’Varn to determine that he is a beholder, and charms a Fomorian.

Emon: 3 days

  • (1) The party meets with Allura before meeting with Council over the Horn. The party goes to Gilmore’s.
  • (2) The party waits two days for the arrival of the airship.

Airship: 6 days [ep16, 00:15:46]

Vasselheim: 14 days

  • (1) The party arrives in Vasselheim, completes their quest to guide the Horn of Orcus to safety, drops Pike off at the Temple of Sarenrae, and watches Grog fail in the Crucible to Kern the Hammer.
  • (1) The party hunts a hydra to replenish their finances, putting them at the mercy of the Slayers’ Take.
  • (2) Team 1 journeys to the mountains, slaying Rimefang. Team 2 hunts and defeats the rakshasa, returning shortly to wait for Team 1’s arrival.
  • (2) Team 1 journeys back from the mountain, returning to the Take.
  • (1) Vox Machina is initiated into the Slayers’ Take. They reunite with Pike, and the party drives Vex to drink over poor financial management.
  • (6) AraMente
    • (1) Tiberius gets Lockheed, Tyriok provides guidance, and the party sets out on the first part of their journey to Pyra.
    • (1) The party hikes through a thunderstorm, flees from ettins, and meets up with the druids of the Fire Ashari. The party enters the Elemental Plane of Fire, and Keyleth completes the next leg of her AraMente.
    • (1) Vox Machina rests in Pyrah after the trial.
    • (3) Vox Machina takes their time returning to Vasselheim.
      •  (Pike spent 7 days in all away from the Temple [ep22, 4:19:38])
  • (1) The party reunites with Scanlan and spends their last day in Vasselheim watching Grog gain victory over Kern, acquiring black powder, and speaking with the Groundbreaker of the Church of Kord before teleporting home, without Pike. They send Kynan on his way and converse with Seeker Asun about the arrival of one Lord and Lady Briarwood. The party pays their servants, gets a history lesson on the Briarwoods, and begins preparations for the feast.

Emon: 15 days

  • (5) The party spends the week preparing for the Briarwoods’ arrival. They return the lost item to Master Thunderbrand, retrieve their money from Lord Greyspine, shop for necessities, tinker without ceasing, and plot. (Days 2 through 6)
  • (1) The Briarwoods attend the feast and are chased off by the party, but not before turning the Council and nearly killing the twins. Vox Machina visits the temple to help Vax, then destroy the Broker and his allies in their frustration.
  • (1) The party help save the cattle of the local ranchers by confronting and redirecting a young roc and its gnomish guardian.
  • (1) Invisible Stalkers attack the Keep.
  • (7) The party completes various errands in preparation for their assault on Whitestone.

The Path to Whitestone: 3 days

  • (1) The party teleports to Westruun, buys horses for travel, and make their way to the Terraced Fields.
  • (1) After a half-day’s travel, the party crosses a rickety bridge and avoids a group of harpies. They take refuge in the side of a mountain, where Percy assures Keyleth that he is fine. (Percy is not fine.)
  • (1) The party fights off an attacking behir. The inspect the stone giant fort, and get first view of Whitestone from the forest. Keyleth and Scanlan start the first bit of reconnaissance over Whitestone as the rest of the party rests in the trees an hour from the city.

Whitestone: 4 days

  • (1) The party discovers their welcome gift at the Sun Tree. Keyleth focuses on the tree. Vax, Percy, and Scanlan are nearly defeated by a door before fighting a banshee. Percy gains his first corruption point.
  • (1) Vox Machina have their first encounter with the denizens of Whitestone before their assault on Kerrion Stonefell.
  • (1) The party gauges Whitestone’s inhabitants’ willingness to fight back, and assaults the manors of Vedemeyer and Count Tyleari. Pike appears in time to fight back the wave of skeletons and zombie giants.
  • (1) The siege on Castle Whitestone begins. Vox Machina infiltrates the castle, frees Ripley, kills Professor Anders, invites Cassandra into their ranks, fights off ghosts, fall into an acid trap, destroys Sylas, severely injures Delilah, and escapes from the Ziggurat as a marble-sized black hole drains all magic (including much-needed healing) from the vicinity.