It Might Be Nice to Have NPCs On Your Side

With impending battle with Thordak, the beacons are lit. Vox Machina calls for aid; who will answer? Updated through Episode 74.

Definite Allies

  • Allura: Considerable magic prowess, willingness to do anything to defeat Thordak
  • Kima: The power of Bahamut, stalwart determination
  • Gilmore: Considerable magic prowess, ability to maintain the Whitestone barrier
  • Drake Thunderbrand: Considerable magic prowess
  • Cassandra: Someone to watch over Whitestone
  • Kynan: Knowledge of guns
  • Jarett, Greyskull guards: Fighting ability, leadership
  • Divosa/J’mon Sa Ord: All the powers of a truly ancient brass dragon, intimate knowledge of how to defeat Thordak (pre-heart stone)
  • Captain Damon and the crew of the Deera: An airship with some really awesome cannons
  • The Fire and Air Ashari: Druidic magic
  • General Ellie and the Fort Daxio regiment: Fighting skill, leadership

Likely Allies

  • The Syngorn and Emon Armies, Mikael Daxio: If they can get there in time; fighting skill, strength in numbers
  • Raishan: ….For a while, anyway.
  • Seeker Asum Emring, Tofor Brotorus: If they’re alive; fighting skill and the power of Bahamut.

Unlikely Allies

  • Lord Ukurat and the Fendir: They only wanted to find new homes once they were released from the Moonbrush.
  • Artagan: He lives for amusement, unlikely to leave the Feywild for something as unamusing as war.
  • The Slayer’s Take: Vox Machina just requested, and didn’t use, two contracts, putting them in perhaps not the best standing with the Take.
  • Highbearer Vord and the Platinum Sanctuary: They seem very uninterested in leaving Vasselheim.
  • Earthbreaker Groon: He is unlikely to leave Vasselheim for the same reasons as Vord.
  • Ravinites: They have no way of getting from Draconia quickly, and expressed no interest in fighting more dragons.
  • Herd of Storms (what remains of it): Vox Machina has no idea where they are or how to contact them.
  • The residents of Westruun: They’re busy rebuilding their city.
  • The refugees outside of Kymal: They’re busy hiding out or going back to Westruun.
  • Treev and the Scarbearers: They have no way of getting out of Marquet quickly, and expressed no interest in fighting dragons.
  • James Kryon and the Crystal Chateau: They are the stuffiest of the stuffy and have no reason to leave Marquet.
  • Anyone from Kraghammer: We haven’t heard from any of them since VM picked up their money from Nostoc months ago. Matt’s also tweeted (NSFW) that they seem to be staying out of this whole mess.
  • Larkin: Where is that guy, anyway?

Possible Enemies

  • The Clasp: Vox Machina only knows what Raishan’s told them about the Clasp since their deal gone awry with the secretive organization, and they didn’t exactly part on good terms.
  • Residents of Emon: Living under a tyrannical dragon after their council and Vox Machina abandoned them in the wake of the Conclave attack may have turned some of their allegiances.

Definite Enemies

  • Thordak: Ancient Red Dragon powers, whatever powers granted to him by the heart stone
  • Lizard folk and wyverns: Fighting power
  • Fire giants: Considerable battle skill, incredible smithing skill
  • Raishan: Eventually.