It’s Been A Long Day

Anonymous asked: I’m wondering if you have a count for times someone said, “It’s been a long day.“

Times someone said a version of ‘It’s been a long day’: 36

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02 Into the Greyspine Mines

  • (1:11:40) Marisha: It’s been a bad day.  Taliesin: It’s been a bad day for rolling.  Laura: Fresh start! […] Marisha: To be fair, it’s been a long day, we’re still bleeding…

07 The Throne Room

  • (0:16:34) Matt: Want to take a moment to mention our…charity! There, that’s the word I’m looking for. It’s been a long day.
  • (0:19:34) Matt: …called K’vorn. K’varn. Long day.

09 Yug’Voril Uncovered

  • (1:53:02) Matt: K’varn seems to be more chatty than usual. […] Marisha: Did you mean Clarota?  Matt: I meant Clarota. It’s been a long week.

15 Skyward

  • (3:49:31) Matt: It’s been a long day.

21 Trial of the Take Part 4

  • (4:07:58) Matt: (after slurring through a critter username) It’s been a week.
  • (4:43:00) Matt: It’s very meta. Especially given the week I had.

29 Whispers

  • (0:04:26) Taliesin: It’s been a long day.  Marisha: It has been a long day.

32 Against the Tide of Bone

  • (1:36:48) Scanlan: It’s been a long day. We’ve had, like, 3 sessions.

35 Denouement

  • (p3. 1:09:28) Matt: (after struggling to read a letter) It’s been a long day.  Laura: It’s been a day.

38 Echoes of the Past

  • (0:33:04) Scanlan: I suppose so. It’s been a long day. We’ve been taking damage today.
  • (0:39:43) Matt: Overall, it’s a pretty…pretty decent way to finish a rather long day….
  • (0:42:56) Matt: Little bit of sweat on his brow like he’s had kind of a long day.
  • (1:18:37) Vex: I’m going to find Jareth.  Matt: Jarett, you mean.  Vex: Jarett. Awww… Matt: It’s been that week.

40 Desperate Measures

  • (2:50:46) Percy: I’m just going to sit. It’s been a long, long day.

41 In Ruins

  • (1:11:08) Keyleth, to looters: We’ve had a really s****y day.
  • (2:29:10) Vax, to Gilmore: Bad day, huh?

43 Return to Vasselheim

  • (0:00:47) Matt: We have, let’s see, we have panel tomorrow and on Sunday.  Laura: Saturday.  Matt: Saturday. Sorry, not tomorrow, Saturday. My week… It’s been a long week.
  • (1:40:04) Vex: How about you have some water, dear?  Keyleth: It’s been a long few weeks.

44 The Sunken Tomb

  • (4:51:25) Keyleth: Let’s go. It’s been a long day.

45 Those Who Walk Away…

  • (0:17:24) Percy, to Keeper Yennen: It’s been a very long day.

47 The Family Business

  • (1:06:43) Vex: How’s that mimosa treating you?  Keyleth: It’s been a long few weeks.

49 A Name is Earned

  • (4:51:13) Laura, off-camera: It’s been a long day.

50 Best Laid Plans…

  • (0:17:04) Matt: Tordak, The Cinder King… Thordak, The Cinder King.… It’s been a long day.

52 The Kill Box

  • (1:48:10) Sam/Scanlan: This has been a LONG fight, guys. […] Maybe we should just…quit.

53 At Dawn, We Plan!

  • (0:43:27) Percy: It’s been a day.

56 Hope

  • (1:15:06) Liam: Did I get wrong? Am I too tired? I’ve had a long day, people.

58 A Cycle of Vengeance

  • (3:42:36) Matt: Thank you- tomorrow at 7pm til Saturday 7pm. My apologies, I’ve had a lot on my mind today.

61 Denizens of the Moonbrush

  • (2:06:12) Percy: It’s been a long day, let’s call it an early night and wake up fresh.
  • (3:43:42) Percy: We’re tapped, we’ve had a long day.

66 A Traveler’s Gamble

  • (1:28:50) Sam: How am I supposed to remember ‘beep beep’ from two weeks ago?!

71 Vorugal

  • (3:21:00) Liam: It’s fine. It’s been a long week…

76 Brawl in the Arches

  • (3:24:12) Juuraiel: My apologies. It’s been a long day.

79 Thordak

  • (0:00:10) Matt: It’s been a long year.