It’s Hiiiiigh-- Oops, sorry, wrong game.

Art by @nyvinte

You all came out in force for Live Unlimited in support for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. According to Geek and Sundry, at the end of the day (June 25), you all raised over $77,000 (at least $7k of which came from sales of the blue Critical Role shirt). Here’s how much you raised during the stream. (And don’t forget, at the time of this post, you can still donate!)

Total at the start of Deadlands: $50,000

Total at the end of Deadlands: $71,491

Total raised exclusively during the Deadlands stream: $21,491

Total at the conclusion of the full stream: $75,007.78

Total Chip Donations: 71

Total Story Donations: 17

Black Chip Donations: 36

  • Marisha: 4
  • Liam: 7
  • Laura: 9
  • Travis: 14
  • Matt: 2

Red Chip Donations: 13

  • Marisha: 3
  • Liam: 3
  • Laura: 2
  • Travis: 3
  • Matt: 2

Blue Chip Donations: 22

  • Marisha: 4
  • Liam: 3
  • Laura: 6
  • Travis: 5
  • Matt: 4

Story donations(All requests written as sent)

  1. (0:11:35, $500) Game Sentence: All player characters start the scenario by waking up in one very very large bed together.
  2. (0:12:38, $500) It’s High Noon.
  3. (0:14:57, $500) Each player receives a random joker card that can only be placed once in any card instance with normal effect or the joker can be cashed in for a poker chip, but the Marshal also receives a poker chip and the the Marshal also receives 2 random Joker cards.
  4. (0:22:37, $500) Victor the black powder merchant enters the room.
  5. (0:26:20, $500) #2 “A monkey with a monocle climbs onto Marisha’s character’s shoulder and and carries on a conversation with her, BUT no one else can see the monkey (so Matt needs to whisper).”
  6. (0:36:31, $500) All NPC’s will question Marisha’s accent and heritage.
  7. (0:42:42, $500) The Devil seeks the Reverend’s fall as Tempation (Matt’s interpretation) will haunt the Reverend the rest of the game.
  8. (0:45:37, $500) Sentence #3: “A bear cub tumble rolls through the nearest door, and starts following Laura around.” <3 gandsTrinket *** I’m getting everyone an animal by the end of this!
  9. (0:59:03, $100) Some NPC talks like Clarota with a cowboy accent.
  10. (1:00:24, $500) Sentence #4: “Travis’s character has multiple personalities: one of which is a raging maniac BUT which loves bear cubs, and as with real-life multiple personalities, they are not aware of each other.”
  11. (1:17:48, $500) #5: “Liam’s character perpetually hiccups raven feathers, BUT he pretends never to notice, to the perturbation of the other characters.”
  12. (1:30:10, $500) Fatespinner: Everytime Marisha tells a fortune, it happens to the person, but she can negate the effect with a fate roll. Please no one tell Marisha this is happening, let her figure it out.
  13. (1:48:34, $500) 6: “Laura actually knows about Travis’s multiple personality (including raging maniac) and continuously tries to provoke his rage.”
  14. (2:14:12, $500) 7: “Baby Trinket clings to Laura’s legs as if she is her mom (so Laura’s actions are disadvantaged in someway by Trinket’s presence by she loves it anyway).”
  15. (2:28:47, $500) 8: “Travis, at the end of the game, stabs Liam, revealing Travis’s multiple personalities to actually be Gilmore the Rakshasa.” LAST ONE FOR ME.
  16. (2:32:19, $500) let’s do this. blue chips for everyone.
  17. (2:32:45, $200) Trinket starts humping Lauras leg!