@KbowlZee asked: Any idea how many spell slots the gang has left?

Rough estimate based on where we inferred each character’s level, but things could be a lot worse from the spell slots side of things. They’re not in a good way by any means (that HP, man), so, for many, many reasons, we can only hope that Ashley can join this week.

Grog can rage 4 more times, raging only in the battle against Anders. He has not used any Frenzied Rages, and therefore has no levels of exhaustion.

The real rough side of things is the items that were spent. A couple of potions are sad but necessary; the rest of the items have proven their worth in combat before, and will be sorely missed.

  • Healing Potion (ep33p1, 1:30:00) Vax’ildan on Cassandra (noted as last in Vax’s inventory)
  • Wand of Magic Missiles (33p1, 1:47:00) 6 of 7 charges spent
  • Healing Potion (ep33p2, 0:48:30) Percy on Cassandra
  • Scroll of Spirit Guardians (ep33p2, 1:23:40) Scanlan on Ghosts
  • Boots of Haste (ep33p2, 1:48:00) Vax’ildan for three attacks and extra movement (not declared, just implemented)
  • Blazing Bowstring (33p2, 1:52:30 and 1:53:32) Both uses, Vex’ahlia on ghosts

So, yeah, it should be interesting to see how few slots and remaining magic items they can use over the course of a full day before facing a couple that nearly killed two of them at full health. (Spells used below the break.)


  • Holy Feast, 6th (ep32, 2:55:46)


  • 2nd (ep32, 2:57:40) Skywrite
  • 3rd (p1, 0:20:29) Dispel Magic
  • 2nd (p1, 0:50:43) Enhance Ability on Percy
  • 1st (ep33p1, 1:37:27) Healing Word on Cass
  • 1st (ep33p1, 1:53:02) Healing Word on Vax
  • 4th (ep33p1, 1:54:08) Grasping Vine on Cass
  • 4th (ep33p2, 0:15:55) Cure Wounds on Vax


  • 4th (33p1, 1:49:14) Counterspell vs. Anders
  • 1st (33p1, 2:06:08) Thunderwave
  • 5th (33p2, 0:54:23) Seeming
  • 3rd (33p2, 1:50:03) Lightning Bolt
  • 1st (33p2, 1:50:52) Healing Word on Vax’ildan


  • 2nd (ep32, 3:13:43) Pass Without Trace
  • 3rd (ep33p1, 1:55:45) Cure Wounds on Vax
  • 1st (ep33p2, 0:01:32) Hunter’s Mark on last Helmed Horror
  • 2nd (ep33p2, 0:56:10) Pass Without Trace