Kern vs. The Potion of Stone Giant Strength (and Grog)

@MCBE117 asked: How much did the potion of Giant strength help Grog during the pit fight?

The Potion of Stone Giant Strength increased Grog from STR 19 (+4) to 23 (+6). This mod not only increased his attack modifier, but also increased the damage of every hit that made contact (+2). 

In order to calculate how effective the potion was, we first need to find out how many attacks wouldn’t have landed without it (DC 19, so 19 or 20 would miss). Out of 18 successful attacks, three hit at 19 or 20. The total damage of these attacks add up to 24.

Next, we have to factor in the extra damage each landed attack dealt thanks to the potion. Using the attack and damage rolls we have stored here, we can see that there were three times that he didn’t remember to apply his +2 modifier (6 damage, should have been 7 or 8). Removing these three, the two 19s, and the one 20 from the list, 12 successful hits times two means 24 damage Kern wouldn’t have taken otherwise.

So, Grog would have dealt 94 damage on his own, with the potion accounting for 48 of his 142 damage. Considering Kern didn’t have to use his Relentless Endurance until he hit 134, we’d say that the potion definitely had an influence on the final fight. Don’t forget to check out our fight analysis, dice odds, and play-by-play of the rematch!