Kevdak Fight Length

All of the Critters asked: How many rounds was the battle in Episode 52?  How long did it last?

Including Grog and Kevdak’s spar from Episode 51, we’re looking at 9 rounds of combat, or 54 seconds:

  • 4 rounds of one-to-one combat (24 seconds)
    • Intimidating Presence
    • Frenzy rage
    • Grog attempts to grab the axe
    • Grog pulls self off the spike
  • 1 combination Grog bow and surprise round (6 seconds)
  • 4 rounds of battle (24 seconds)
    • Kevdak held for another round
    • Kevdak breaks the hold, Greenbeard Heals
    • Grog slays Kevdak, Scanlan lifts Grog
    • Grog’s speech

The real-life time of Ep52’s battle (from the start of the episode to Grog’s successful persuasion check) lasted for 2:52:41. Combined with the 0:20:58 of the one-on-one fight, the cast sat through 3:13:19 of combat for this one encounter.