Keyleth: Totally Done

As the group’s decided moral compass and awkward conversationalist, Keyleth had a really rough time in episode 26. Below are the times her frustration with Vox Machina’s choices were visually demonstrated.

  1. (0:20:30) “Just out of curiosity, um… Did anyone else hear him… Did anyone else just happen to hear what he said in that fight last night?”
  2. (0:21:31) “It was when he was screaming those cluster of things when he was shooting that mercenary in the face.”
  3. (0:24:21) “He chainsawed an old woman.”
  4. (0:36:55) “Kill softer.” “Ew.” “I’ll show you how, you just have to do it really slow.”
  5. (0:43:40) “[My sentries found] a freshly-murdered old woman not far behind the path you took.”
  6. (0:52:22) “[The Briarwoods] have shown nothing, in the past five years, but graciousness, and have gone through all the proper channels, to establish this relationship between our city and theirs, far more than the previous family ever attempted.”
  7. (0:56:57) “Here’s the circumstance: As it stands, I fear I must revoke Vox Machina’s membership in the Council of Tal’Dorei.”
  8. (1:02:08) “What happened? Your magic didn’t work.” “No it worked. It worked.”
  9. (1:08:09) “What sort of proof would they accept, the head of Lady Briarwood?”
  10. (1:09:59) “Do your best to clear your name.”
  11. (1:11:43) “Oh, you half-elfs, I swear to God. Haven’t you heard of lying?”
  12. (1:21:46) “We are friends of the elderly.”
  13. (2:21:05) “We need a warding spell!” “Why don’t we just leave someone behind?”
  14. (2:21:29) “Put little hats on them, make them cute!”
  15. (2:22:00) “I hate you so much, Vax!”
  16. (2:27:49) Combination of Drunk Tiberius and Moody Percy.