Lady Kima of Vord

Now that everyone’s favorite halfling paladin, Lady Kima of Vord, is back with Vox Machina, we’ve gotten some Asks about what all we know about her.  

Straight from Matt’s description of her in his playlist on Geek & Sundry:

While small in stature, this beast of a Halfling wasn’t picked on for long in her youth. Having broken the nose of any bully in Westruun who dared spit towards her, she gained a reputation for being an unruly child and was taken in by a traveling Scalebearer of Bahamut. Under Vord’s teachings in Vasselheim, she blossomed into a valiant warrior of pious heart… but even then, she’d seen enough hate in the world to leave a visible crack in her faith. This doubt only grew as she encountered the falsehoods of man on every level of society, yet her teacher chided her for striking out recklessly and without permission. Her fervor to fight these injustices is only matched by her internal battles over where her strength really comes from: her faith in the platinum dragon, or her faith in herself… which is the real truth for her?

Kima mentioned in Episode 43 that the temple to Bahamut in Westruun is her home temple.  Kima spent some time, about 15 years ago, traveling with a group of adventurers that included Lady Allura Vysoren and Elementalist Drake Thunderbrand.  We know that, as of Episode 16 (0:35:49), she had spent eight years away from the Platinum Sanctuary.

We can surmise, from what we saw of her abilities during the Underdark arc, that during that time she was level 9.  She had access to the third level spell Aura of Vitality in Episode 11, and the first time paladins have access to 3rd level spells is level 9.  Had she been level 10, she would have been able to use Aura of Courage in Episode 10 to protect Vox Machina from being frightened by the cloaker.  She didn’t have Improved Divine Smite, which is an 11th level paladin ability, because not all of her melee strikes were infused with the spell.  If her entrance- slamming her maul on the ground with a flash of divine energy- in Episode 43 was anything to go by, there’s a good chance that she’s now at least level 11.

In Episode 15, her armor was described as silver and blue-inlaid plate mail.  Her armor in Episode 43 is described as gold-trimmed with a blue cloak.  So, we’re unsure if it’s the same armor, just described with different details, or different armor altogether.  She wielded a maul in her grand entrance in Episode 43.  A standard maul is heavy, two-handed, and deals 2d6 bludgeoning damage, and Improved Divine Smite would add 1d8 radiant damage to each strike.

As for how she looks, we know that she is muscular, about a foot taller than Scanlan, and has a scar across her face.  In Episode 4 (0:23:30), she was described as having tightly-braided brown hair, and in Episode 14 (1:33:36), as having a darker complexion for a halfling.  In Episode 44, Matt described her as square-shouldered, wearing gold armor with silver and blue details with the symbol of Bahamut, wielding a metallic hammer that she keeps over one shoulder, having wavy, dirty blonde hair just past her shoulders, and big scar across side of her face along with other, smaller scars.

Thanks to Cha Sand for helping find the Episode 4 reference!