Less of a BANG, More of a caCHUNK

Don’t worry, Percy. As Grog says, it happens to all guys, sometimes. Updated to episode 41. Thanks to Kathatherine, TheSingingBadger, Rusty-Diamond, @dragonmustang01, and TUX3D0_MASK for their work on this. 

Total Misfires: 14 (2 breaks)

  1. Ep02 (1:56:50) Pepperbox Shot vs. Umberhulk
  2. Ep03 (1:53:22) Bad News Shot vs. Duergar across chasm
  3. Ep17 (2:31:24) Pepperbox Shot vs.Hydra
  4. Ep22 (3:52:07) Pepperbox Ice Shot vs. Fire Elemental
  5. Ep25 (3:07:55) Pepperbox Shot vs. Broker
  6. Ep27 (0:32:24) Pepperbox Shot vs. Invisible Stalker
  7. Ep28 (0:36:22) Pepperbox with Sharp Shooter vs. Behir
  8. Ep28 (0:51:32) Pepperbox Shot vs. Behir
  9. Ep29 (2:41:35) Pepperbox Shot vs. Guard #1
  10. Ep33 (p1.1:41:28) Pepperbox Shot vs. Professor Anders
  11. Ep33 (p2.1:21:12) Pepperbox Shot vs. Possessed Vax
  12. Ep34 (4:02:25) Pepperbox Fire Shot vs. Delilah
  13. Ep34 (4:12:31) Bad News Shot vs. Delilah
  14. Ep39 (1:23:46) Bad News Violent Shot vs. Purple Worm