List of tasks

For those of you who are considering joining the task force mentioned in the last post, here is the current set of tasks. The list of things to record is pretty long and will be equally tedious, so feel free to take your time, and take breaks. We’re in no rush to get these; better precise than speedy. (That said, thanks to the speedy contributors so far. Very impressive!)

Things we’re looking for:

  • Every dice roll and value by a Vox Machina PC. Trinket counts, NPCs don’t. Guest players are appreciated, but not required. If you could document who rolled and what time each roll occurred, that would be greatly appreciated. You can just include final totals; it would be a pain to calculate every single natural number. I know there’s a few rolls where the players don’t say their numbers, so if you come across one of those, just mark the time and player.
  • The total amount of damage each member of Vox Machina has dealt (multiplied by number of affected individuals; resistances, saves, and vulnerabilities included). Friendly fire counts.
  • Each kill by each party member, no matter how trivial. Please include the creature or character, who did it, and the time it occurred.
  • Every time Matt says “Proper.” (Quite a bit easier than recording dice rolls, haha.)

I understand that it’s a LOT to do (believe me, I understand), so know that your contribution is very much appreciated! Let me know what episode you’re interested in, and I’ll let you know if it’s currently covered or not. We’ll be assigning two people to each episode as an added measure of coverage. If you want to watch an episode that’s already been double-booked, more accountability is hardly a bad thing, but I’ll let you know so you can decide. We’re still pretty early on into this, so the options available are many! Even a half-episode makes the workload easier.

If you have any questions or reservations after you start, just let us know. Thanks again, Critters!