Loss of Agency

@RuzgofDi asked: Do you have stats regarding possessions, dominations, and other occurrences of Players losing control of their characters?

Domination, Suggestion, Charm, Confusion, Possession… Because as a DM, sometimes it’s more fun to play as someone else’s character instead of another NPC. (No, that isn’t why.) Here’s the times when Vox Machina’s agency temporarily switched hands. Updated to Episode 40.

  1. Vex’ahlia (ep02, 1:52:35) Confused by Umberhulk
  2. Grog (ep02, 2:05:20) Confused by Umberhulk
  3. Grog (ep07, 3:22:23) Dominated by Queen Ullara
  4. Vax’ildan (ep21, 1:22:43) Possessed by Ghost 1
  5. Keyleth (ep21, 1:22:55) Possessed by Ghost 2
  6. Vax’ildan (ep21, 3:12:55) Dominated by Hotis
  7. Grog (ep33, p1.1:35:00) Dominated by Professor Anders
  8. Keyleth (ep33, p2.1:15:14) Possessed by Ghost 1
  9. Vax’ildan (ep33, p2.1:16:30) Possessed by Ghost 3
  10. Grog (ep33, p2.1:16:49) Possessed by Ghost 2
  11. Percy (ep33, p2.1:35:20) Possessed by Ghost 3
  12. Vax’ildan (ep34, 1:22:32) Charmed by Sylas Briarwood
  13. Grog and Vax’ildan (ep35, 1:13:08) Rampage Pulse by Orthax
  14. Grog and Trinket (ep35, 1:57:40) Rampage Pulse by Orthax

Bonus: Times the party succeeded against attempts of NPC control:

  1. Keyleth (ep02, 1:59:20) Confusion by Umberhulk (Cha Save)
  2. Vax’ildan (ep11, 3:27:08) K’Varn’s Charm Ray (Wis Save)
  3. Grog (ep11, 3:46:13) K’Varn’s Charm Ray (Wis Save, Raging)
  4. Tiberius (ep21, 2:53:54) Charm by Hotis (Counterspell)
  5. Vax’ildan (ep25, 17:20) Charm by Sylas Briarwood (Wis Save)
  6. Vax’ildan (ep33, 1:24:25) Confuse by Professor Anders (Wis Save)
  7. Grog (ep34, 3:29:25) Charm by Sylas Briarwood (Raging)
  8. Percy (ep35 0:45:50) Orthax attempts to take control (Wis Save)
  9. Percy (ep35 0:59:21) Orthax attempts to take control (Wis Save)
  10. Party (ep35, 1:13:08) Rampage Pulse by Orthax (Wis Saves)
  11. Party (ep35, 1:57:40) Rampage Pulse by Orthax (Wis Saves)
  12. Grog (ep37, 1:42:59) Craven Edge’s desire to kill (Wis Save)