Media References and Puns for Episode 60: Heredity and Hats

Can we all take a moment to appreciate that Keyleth and Percy satisfied the requirements of Garmelie’s deal with a pun?

Media References

  • (0:37:36) Liam: Some people go this way, and some people go that way, and some people go both ways! (The Wizard of Oz)
  • (0:55:49) Liam: *pretend writing* Daaaaaa-rth Vaaaaaa-deeeeeer (Star Wars)
  • (1:05:27) Travis: F***ing Verizon. Liam: Go T-Mobile!  Matt: Go AT–no. NO.
  • (1:10:22) Keyleth: I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. (“Barbie Girl” by Aqua)
  • (1:13:00) Laura: Like a Robin Hood hat?  Like PETER PAN?
  • (1:14:11) Marisha: They stole his Emmy?
  • (1:24:44) Travis: Faunny Tim (A Christmas Carol)
  • (1:25:13) Travis: [It’ll be a] Tarantino film
  • (1:29:53) Laura: I give Trinket a kiss on the nose and put him in the Poké Ball
  • (2:01:08) Matt: You reach into the Syngorian Walmart
  • (2:15:51) Laura: I just thought of the Disney movie and I skipped out. (Tangled)
  • (2:19:21) (after Laura burps) Marisha: That’s Robert Durst s***.
  • (2:24:10) Liam: Don’t talk s*** to grass. *does the The More You Know tune* 


  • (1:46:36) Percy: Are there rivermen who run boats on the river?  Tyrelda: No, the river tends to run itself.
  • (2:10:50) Percy: Garmelie, let me get this straight: you need a piece of a Threshold Crest? […] Keyleth, the thing we talked about.  Keyleth: And I start casting Stone Shape right under the threshold of the door of the room we’re in.  And I cut out a crest […]  Percy: We break it.  Keyleth: There’s your piece of a threshold crest.
  • (2:18:20) Marisha: I might have to take a hot nap.  Matt: Didn’t you guys just take a hot nap?
  • (2:24:13) Sam: How do you wanna mow this?