Media References and Puns of Episode 50: Best Laid Plans...

Can we get art of the Dread Pirate Stonejaw Strongjaw storming the gate of Westruun?

Media References:

  • (0:24:43) Travis: Would you like to become young again? […] Now a warning.  NOW a warning? (Death Becomes Her) Thanks to an anonymous critter!
  • (1:38:40) Marisha: It’s like that scene in the second Matrix! (The Matrix Reloaded)
  • (2:28:27) Liam: That’s like George Foreman. […] This is George Foreman, this is also George Foreman, these three guys are also George Foreman
  • (2:29:59) Sam: I would be the Dwead Piwate Wobewts!   Matt: There will be no suvivows!  Laura: Anybody want a peanut? (The Princess Bride)  
  • (2:30:57) Liam: Maybe they’d think it was perspective f***ery like in Lord of the Rings.
  • (2:36:31) Sam: I can make the illusion of a head talking, “Wizard of Oz” style. Thanks to @IsYitzack!
  • (2:47:28) Matt: Journey to the Center of Westruun. (Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne) 


  • (1:04:54) Grog: Yeah, I’m not Craven/cravin’ bacon any more!