Media References and Puns of Episode 53: At Dawn, We Plan!

Media References

  • (0:42:59) Travis: Welcome to RenFaire!
  • (0:46:33) Marisha: Can we get an early, 12 Angry Men raise of hands…
  • (0:47:48) Liam: Steve Martin.
  • (0:53:54) Marisha: …considering we just put on the most epic, Avengers-style display
  • (1:30:18) Ashley: Back it up, back it in! (“Jump Around” by House of Pain) NSFW
  • (1:35:21) Marisha: That was the iron golem. Travis: Giant. (The Iron Giant)
  • (1:41:58) Taliesin: It’s Windows 10.  Marisha: Not Windows 10!
  • (1:44:49) Taliesin: The power of Neil deGrasse Tyson!
  • (1:50:27) Sam: Fassbender!
  • (1:53:37) Percy/Taliesin: Yes, it would be so Mad Max.
  • (2:17:30) Liam: Your forearms are like Popeye.
  • (2:27:04) Liam: A little CrossFit!  A little P90x with Fassbender!
  • (2:32:00) Taliesin: Liam, are you imagining the 80s-era X-Men Danger Room right now? […] Liam: With Nightcrawler going *flip flip flip*
  • (2:32:38) Liam: *robot voice* Whatever Keyleth wants, Keyleth gets.  Marisha: Thank you, Speak & Spell


  • (0:59:41) Scanlan: I do have a Napoleon Complex.  Percy: I’ve seen it, it’s huge.  Liam: Square shaped. 
  • (2:27:57) Matt: Too late now!  That s***’s in stone