Media References and Puns of Episode 64: The Frigid Doom

Poor Asum Emring. Seven of the eight puns in this episode were on his name! 

Media References

  • (0:11:49) Marisha: It’s a Trapper Keeper.
  • (0:11:55) Marisha: Yeah, Saved by the Bell series.
  • (0:14:24) Travis: The Inception!
  • (0:17:24) Liam: Your nickname is Jabba…the Hut. (Star Wars)
  • (1:00:30) Taliesin: Hunger Games.
  • (1:18:49) Liam: I think we can table Meow Mix for a while.
  • (1:20:43) Travis: Wolverines! (Red Dawn)
  • (1:21:44) Travis: You’ll be the Hercules Mulligan of Vox Machina (Hamilton)
  • (1:23:30) Sam: In the room where it happens? (Hamilton)
  • (1:23:54) Sam: We’ll just have to Seeker Asum that it happened. (Hamilton)
  • (1:32:16) Sam: Are you Tony Robbins?
  • (1:37:08) Marisha: Winter is Coming. (Game of Thrones)
  • (1:39:25) Taliesin: It’s Discworld.
  • (1:42:37) Marisha: Oh-wee-oh-ohhhhh-oh (The Wizard of Oz)
  • (1:43:31) Percy: It’s never a three hour tour. (Gilligan’s Island)
  • (1:47:30) Vex: This is danger zone. (Top Gun)
  • (2:35:42) Liam: Everyone else does just fearful anime reacts.
  • (2:50:27) Marisha: It’s not a tum-ah. (Kindergarten Cop)
  • (3:20:56) Sam: Predator.
  • (3:23:00) Percy: Today is not that day (LotR)
  • (3:26:39) Liam: Give Steve Martin a win, here!
  • (3:26:45) Matt: Between the two of you keeping an eye out with this Marduk


  • (0:11:17) Vax: Are you certain you’re not trying to do comedy right now?  Percy: I feel funny.
  • (1:12:15) Taliesin: Perhaps we should not have….assumed.
  • (1:23:54) Sam: We’ll just have to Seeker Asum that it happened.
  • (1:26:21) Marisha: You know what they say, when you assume!
  • (1:35:33) Liam: It’s not safe to assume that Asum…sorry. […] we have to assume that they are.
  • (1:37:23) Keyleth: And we’re assuming- sorry.
  • (1:37:36) Scanlan: And we know that Thordak is a total a**hole- sorry.
  • (2:50:42) Taliesin: I think he assumed