Media References and Puns of Episode 69: Passed Through Fire

Otherwise titled, “Turn Down For What: A Compendium.”

Media References

  • (0:07:41) Matt: I feel like Robert Durst.
  • (0:55:34) Sam: Not like Yoda or anything! (Star Wars)
  • (1:22:22) Taliesin: I’ve been watching South Park, I don’t know about you.
  • (1:22:25) Liam: No Hamlet death for you!
  • (1:37:01) Sam: It’s like that little doll hand from SNL.
  • (1:49:26) Liam: This going to David Bowie-you up.
  • (1:52:28) Matt: …and appear, Nightcrawler-style, in shadow, next to the whatever you hit.
  • (1:52:44) Grog/Travis: Obviously, daggers are your bag, baby. (Austin Powers)
  • (1:54:13) Liam: (about the music box) It plays ‘Turn Down for What.’
  • (1:58:27) Sam: *singing* Letters! We got letters! (“We Get Letters” from the Perry Como Show)
  • (2:08:04) Liam: Percy needs to go the f*** to sleep.
  • (2:13:42) Matt: Gouts of [blood], anime-style spraying, like Fist of North Stars spray.
  • (2:25:11) Liam: Turn down for Pike!
  • (2:28:29) Sam: Diplomatic Immunity. (Lethal Weapon 2) Thanks to an anonymous critter for this one!
  • (2:33:27) Sam: It’s really Patrick Rothfuss’ voice, though!
  • (2:41:36) Liam: Turn down for what!  Laura: Do-do-do-do-do… Travis: Stop, white people. 


  • (2:28:32) Scanlan: This is real diplomatic immunity man; I can get you off!  Travis: You can get him off?
  • (2:42:11) Scanlan: Sort of reaching around?